The Vengeance Phase and Camp Balance

Since the conclusion of the great Eventide AvA Phase we have continued to examine some balance issues. In particular, we know that the bonus from Battle Camps (30% higher maximum health) is not as good as it should be. Extra health means that incoming attacks are proportionally less effective, but by the same token helpful actions are less effective and repairing is more expensive. The result is that the bonus doesn’t fit a clear strategic role like Trade and Intrigue camps.

For the upcoming Vengeance Phase, we have made a few changes that should give the Camps a better balance with more uniquely appropriate roles.

BATTLE CAMP: 30% more VP per Hour

We have switched this bonus from the Intrigue Camp to the Battle Camp. This is a solid fit given that Battle Actions focuses on Health, and therefore Hourly VP. A Battle Camp is also more resistant to health-damaging actions due to its higher Battle stat.

TRADE CAMP: 20% less silver needed to receive the Base Camp Stats

There is no change to this bonus. This fits well with how Trade Actions focus on affecting Silver Pools.

INTRIGUE CAMP: 15% increased Action Effects from winning Attacks

This is a brand new type of bonus for Camps that gives Intrigue Camps a unique strategic purpose. A thematic element of Intrigue is its efficiency and effectiveness, accomplishing great things through focused smaller-scale efforts. Given that Intrigue actions are the most varied, between Spy’s unique function and both health-related and silver-related attacks, Intrigue Camps will provide a range of benefits. Every successful attack from an Intrigue Camp will have 15% increased effect. Specifically this means higher Damage Dealt, higher Silver Losses, higher Health gained from Aid, higher Silver gained from Barter, and 15% higher chance of 2x Spy. These bonuses will stack with the same effects from items.

Epic Battle

The Vengeance Phase will begin Tuesday, March 8th at 11:00am EST (16:00 UTC) and run until Tuesday, March 15th at 11:00am EST (16:00) UTC. Thank you to all the players who voted on a name for this Phase! We received a lot of other great suggestions which we will definitely consider for future phases.

“Men win wars. Not magic tricks.” — Bronn