Cadet Challenges Beam into Star Trek Timelines

Now available for play, Cadet Challenges add story-based daily missions to STAR TREK TIMELINES. Costing Challenge Tickets instead of Chronitons to play, Cadet Challenges instead require the use of common and uncommon crew members who possess a specific crew trait, such as Starfleet. Win more Chronitons just by playing Cadet Challenges, granting even more Away Mission and Starship Battle.

Cadet Challenges Introduction

You can play Cadet Challenges each day under the tutelage of one of  Starfleet’s most legendary officers, William T. Riker as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation during the series finale, “All Good Things…”.

In Timelines, Admiral Riker – realizing he’s more useful as Starfleet leadership than captaining another starship in the field – has instituted Cadet Challenges to help ensure all crew member recruits, no matter their timeline of origin, are held to his exacting standards.

Each Cadet Challenge is designed for common (1-star) and uncommon (2-star) crew with a particular trait. Our first challenge, titled “Ex Astris, Scientia” (the Starfleet Academy motto) has a Starfleet theme,  and therefore only common and uncommon crew with the Starfleet trait can participate in the cadet missions, which function just as any Away Mission.

You may attempt each Away Mission in the daily Cadet Challenge a certain number of times per day. Each attempt costs 1 Challenge Ticket. You will receive a set number of Challenge Tickets per day, however more can be obtained in exchange for dilithium. Captains must wait a fixed amount of time between each attempt regardless. Wait time between challenge attempts is subject to change, in part based on Timelines community feedback.

For every Away Mission success, you are rewarded with equipment crucial to advancing those common and uncommon crew members, allowing up-and-coming crew to become seasoned veterans.

For its maiden launch, Cadet Challenges will only feature “Ex Astris, Scientia”. New Cadet Challenges will be added in the future, and rotate each day of the week according to a set schedule. For instance, one Cadet Challenge might run Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, while another might run Tuesdays and Thursdays (all times UTC).

Ex Astris, Scientia

Thanks for playing, Captain! The Timelines team will continue updating Cadet Challenges in the coming weeks and months, and Captains who join the forums can contribute important feedback. Captains can also like the Timelines page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or watch the Disruptor Stream and comment live every Friday on Twitch. If you’d like to catch the Disruptor Stream after its live Friday airtime, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay informed of up and coming features and quality-of-life improvements.


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