Boldly Going to Get Captain Kirk’s Chair

Now that everyone knows that Disruptor Beam is headed to PAX East and has a Star Trek Timelines photo booth planned, we wanted to tell the tale of exactly how we ended up with our Captain Kirk chair.  We could have ordered one from a catalog.  But that was just too easy!

Instead we turned to our good friends at CBS to find out if they had a chair we could rent or borrow for PAX.  They came back with an even better offer: they were moving one of their office locations, and would we be interested in the Captain’s chair they had on display?  


A captain for a day.

So, after renting our own Enterprise vessel, our journey began from Boston to New York City.

After a few circles around the block in NYC to find parking, we met up with Brian in the CBS office, chatted for a bit about our trip and then quickly loaded up. 

 Left: A chair fit for a captain; Right: Brian accepts a Star Trek Timelines shirt in exchange for Kirk’s chair.

 Luckily, the chair comes apart in two sections, and made for easy transport.  With Captain Kirk’s chair stowed into the Enterprise, it was time to head back to Disruptor Beam headquarters.

If only we had a transporter beam to get this baby home.

After traveling 393 miles, drinking 5 coffees, and spending 12 hours driving back and forth, our Captain’s chair finally made it to our Massachusetts office - it’s new permanent home.  Want to see it in person? Just visit us at booth #6068 at PAX East (March 6-8) and you can get your own photo on the chair!

Captain Nod sits on our own piece of the Federation right in our office.