Being a Passionate Player

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a recent support ticket I took:

“First off,... your quests are buggy as flowers and the majority of the bonus' don't work either.. Second. ptp rarely works. The diddly-ole darn screen when selecting someone to fight wont close when you hit the back OR the X in the upper right corner. It comes right back and you cant get rid of it unless you refresh. THe timers on the quests.. DONT FAIRY-TAIL WORK! Thats just for starters. You flyers expect people to pay money for this strawberry and you cant even fix the most simple of issues. I used to spend thousands of dollars on these games but since you can't fix one gosh dairy major issue with the game in the time it's been out you dont flowering get my money!!! Learn to flipping program BEFORE you try to release something flouncing doodlybugs. Sick of wasting money on fragrant strawberries that DONT WORK!”

That ticket has been knocking around my head this past weekend. I changed the text from its "less polite" language to something a bit different. I hope I don’t have to go into why this isn’t appropriate or respectful. It is a rare example of what our support team has to deal with, and an extreme version of the type of abuse that can come out of any game community.

Here at Disruptor Beam, we have some serious experience dealing with support. Khatie and I have the most experience working with online game support tickets, with close to 20 years of online game support experience between us. Both Khatie and I come from a strong MMO background, and both of us have taken thousands (or tens of thousands) of support tickets in our time. Supplementing our efforts are Bellejinx and Shan, who are here to help fix your issues and support the Ascent community in Facebook, Kongregate, our forums and the support site.

We respect our players, especially when they disagree with us. Disagreement and different opinions are important, and let us know whether we’re going in the right direction and whether you’re still having fun in the game. However, when you reach this level of frustration, you should step back and breathe for a few minutes. Allow your frustration to settle down before you contact us, and think deeply about why you are upset.

When you submit a support ticket, ask yourself:

- Am I upset at this particular typo / bug / player, or does my concern go deeper?

- Is this blocking my progress in the game?

- What are all of the details about my concerns? 

- Is the game still fun for me?

By asking those questions, you can focus on what is particularly annoying, distressing, or concerning in the game, and provide that feedback to us. In most cases we’ll probably already be aware of it and have it on our top bug list to get fixed, but if we don’t, we’ll bring it up to the rest of the team and make sure it gets prioritized. If they’re that important, we’ll work to make sure they get fixed in a future build.

Thanks for reading!