AvA VP Changes for the Next Cycle

Hello Bannermen! It’s time to talk about AvA updates, specifically VP changes for future cycles. To get things out of the way first: There will be no changes to VP gain in the Faith cycle. Here’s why:

When we started digging into VP changes for AvA, we settled on some new stats and formula changes. These proved to be complex - not in the creation of the new stats, which is pretty straightforward, but in the formula updates and, most of all, the testing. Given the reduced team size due to the holidays, and the fact that the next cycle began on the 29th (and combat starts on the 5th), we decided to hold off on the changes until the cycle after Faith.

What we did get in are some long-asked-for improvements for the second place rewards. Second place rewards now contain a legendary item as well as their customary seals and uncommon resources, bringing them much closer to the first-place regional rewards.

AvA is a complex system with tens of thousands of players engaging in a variety of ways, and we were not confident we would have enough time to fully implement and test these changes in time for next Monday - especially with the New Year beginning this week. While we’re disappointed the changes didn’t make it in for the Faith cycle, we think that it’s more important that you have a solid Faith cycle, and look forward to the next cycle for these updates.


What Are The AvA VP Changes?

Here are the changes we’re currently working on implementing and testing before the next cycle:


AvA Loot Updates

AvA loot chance is the chance of getting spoils or other items when attacking a camp. In the old system, it was a very simple formula:

(Camp Level) * 5 = Loot Chance

This is pretty limiting when it comes to balancing spoil gains. It also does nothing to either incentivize or disincentivize farming of camps. To bring this into balance, and provide better tools for future balance of camp loot and spoil gain, we’re changing the formula to include:

Camp Level, Max Garrison Size, Number of Garrisoned SS

The actual formula is rather complicated, but in essence, if the defender camp is less than 5% garrisoned, the chance of good loot is reduced. This reduction caps at a 50% reduction of loot for an un-garrisoned camp. That means that attacking an un-garrisoned level 20 camp would yield spoils or loot 50% of the time, rather than 100% of the time.


Hourly VP Changes

Hourly VP is currently based on the level of the camp, and the percentage repair of the camp. To encourage players to defend their camps, and incentivize garrisoning of camps, we will increase hourly VPs by 10% overall. However, if a camp is less than 5% garrisoned, the hourly VPs will be reduced. This reduction caps at a 50% reduction for an un-garrisoned camp. What this means is that any camps garrisoned at 5% their max or more should see a 10% increase in hourly VP gain. Camps that are un-garrisoned will see their hourly VPs decrease, down to 50% of their current (i.e. Faith cycle) amounts.


Attack VP Changes

Attack VPs will remain pretty much the same, unless the defender’s camp is less than 5% garrisoned. In this case the Attack VPs will be reduced. This reduction caps at a 50% reduction for an un-garrisoned camp. The overall changes match up with what we outlined above.


Overall Goals

Our previous formulas didn't have enough variables to balance for the AvA metagame. With the new updates, we're adding in more ways to tweak VP and spoil gain. With those increased variables comes added complexity, which is why we needed extra time to implement and test these changes.


A Work in Progress

AvA is always a work in progress for us. These changes are not final and should not be considered set in stone; we welcome feedback and discussion on them. If you have feedback, see glaring flaws, or want to heap praise on us, please let us know on the forums. We'd love to hear from you!


Thanks for understanding! We hope you agree that having a solid cycle is more important than rushing to get VP changes in, or implementing changes in the middle of an AvA phase. As always, we're committed to discussing and communicating with you however you choose to contact us. Don't hesitate to post on the forums, your Facebook groups, or even email us (alex at disruptorbeam.com / katie at disruptorbeam.com). 


Have a great new year!