AvA Updates, and the Crow Phase of AvA!

Hello Bannermen! Today we're talking about the next phase of Alliance vs Alliance Combat. 

First, the next AvA phase will be called the Crow Phase, and will run from Tuesday, March 31st at Noon EDT (16:00 UTC) until April 14th at Noon EDT. With this phase, we're starting our AvA phases on Tuesdays, instead of Mondays. This gives us time to respond to any build issues or post-weekend concerns without having AvA ending later that day.

During the Mourning Phase, we had a bribe bug where not every bribe action was counting. After looking into the issue, we found and fixed the problem for the Crow Phase. We have been testing the fix this week, and are aiming to have it live in Monday's build. 

After talking to Alliances during the Mourning phase, and talking internally within the team, we're making two changes to AvA for the Crow Phase.

Sworn Sword replacement cost reduction

Rare, Legendary, and Peerless Sworn Swords have had their replacement costs significantly reduced. The new replacement costs are:

  • Common: 1200 silver (no change)
  • Uncommon: 2000 silver (no change)
  • Rare: 3200 silver (was 4500).
  • Legendary: 5000 silver (was 14000)
  • Peerless: 7700 silver (was 24000)

These changes were made to give a greater incentive to use your higher-rarity Sworn Swords in AvA. We'll be watching Sworn Sword usage in AvA, and make more changes if necessary. 

AvA Camp Material changes

The cost of building camps has been reduced for all tiers, but has been made substantially less costly for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Alliances. Camp material costs (items, spoils, and silver) have been reduced for all camps by the following amounts:

  • Tier 1: Reduced by 30%
  • Tier 2: Reduced by 20%
  • Tier 3: Reduced by 13.3%
  • Tier 4: Reduced by 8.6%
  • Tier 5: Reduced by 5%

We made these changes based on camp construction changes over the last few phases. There are other reasons why camp construction went down over the last few phases, but material costs, especially for lower tier Alliances, has been a concern for some time. We'll watch the results of these changes closely.

Thanks for reading, and if you have feedback, don't forget to talk about these changes in the AvA forums!