AvA: The Fireborn Phase and Rewards

Hey Bannerman! This is Maxmillion, a game designer on GoTA, here with some updates about the upcoming Fireborn AvA Phase.

The Fireborn Phase will be starting on Monday, November 23rd at 3:00 PM EST (20:00 UTC). It will then last one week until Monday, November 30th at 3:00 PM EST (20:00 UTC).

We are excited to see the competition coming up in our one-week phase. It will be a fantastic introduction to the full AvA experience following the shorter test phases. After Fireborn, we are planning to have a one-week break before beginning a full two-week phase. After seeing how both one and two week phases go, we can make more informed decisions about the length of future phases. We are definitely open to varying the length phase-to-phase, including the occasional shorter phase!

Fireborn will also have a number of balance improvements that I’ll discuss in an upcoming blog post. One of the most important areas we are focusing on is making sure that every action has strategic value.

Fireborn Rewards

Starting with the Fireborn Phase, you will be able to earn some fantastic rewards including the brand new AvA Tokens!

Our goals with tokens are three-fold:

  1. Desirable rewards for the top alliances in the competition.
  2. Meaningful rewards for competitive alliances and players beyond the first and second place finishers.
  3. Avoid the case of top alliances being able to perpetuate their dominance by only getting the best rewards.

First let’s take a look at the Individual Threshold Rewards:

Fireborn Personal VP Rewards

In old AvA, if you weren’t in a top ranking Alliance there was very little to draw a player into the competition. These Personal VP rewards will give nice bonuses to players just getting involved with AvA. Additionally, highly active players can look forward to getting some Legendary Seals ( from a set of popular seals) as well as some of the new AvA Tokens.

The biggest and best rewards will be found in the Regional Leaderboard Rewards. Each Region uses the same structure for rewards, but each region varies the Tokens and Seals you can win.

Fireborn Regional Leaderboard Rewards

Titles vary by region, just like in old AvA and in the short phases. The Regional Seals will change each phase.

For Tokens, there are three variants, and each region is associated with one type. One of the considerations when organizing where your Alliance competes will be which Token is given out in that region.

Fireborn Region Specifics

AvA Tokens and Epic Rewards

Now let’s go into more detail about the Tokens and the epic reward that you can earn with them!

First, we have the three Tokens that will be rewarded through AvA:

AvA Tokens

After collecting Tokens over the course of multiple phases, you will be able to trade them in for powerful AvA weapons. The recipes are all found in the Tourney Arena. Additionally we will soon be adding new recipes that use Tokens to acquire existing items or seals, so that you can spend your Tokens in smaller amounts.


Brandon's Bloody Blade

Brandon's Bloody Blade

Brandon of the Bloody Blade was an ancestor of House Stark from the Age of Heroes. He became known as a great giant-slayer and for warring against the Children of the Forest. His blade is damage-focused and can quickly destroy enemy camps.

Brandon’s Bloody Blade requires 40 Tokens of the Strong and 40 Tokens of the Clever.


Serwyn's Mirror Shield

Serwyn's Mirror Shield

Serwyn of the Mirror Shield was a legendary knight from the Age of Heroes who is a favorite of the smallfolk. He is said to have killed the dragon Urrax by using his shield as a distraction while Serwyn approached and speared the dragon through the eye. In AvA, his shield is focused on taking Silver from opponents and leaving them vulnerable.

Serwyn’s Mirror Shield requires 40 Tokens of the Rich and 40 Tokens of the Clever.


Lann the Clever's Knife

Lann the Clever's Knife

Lann the Clever is the founder of House Lannister from the Age of Heroes. Stories tell of how he took Casterly Rock from House Casterly using nothing but his wits. His knife is focused on Intrigue and subtlety, boosting his ability to Spy and Steal.

Lann the Clever’s Knife requires 80 Tokens of the Clever.


Bran the Builder's Tools

Bran the Builder's Tools

Bran the Builder founded House Stark during the Age of Heroes. According to legend he built both the Wall and Winterfell along with the help of giants. His mythical tools are based around helpful abilities, boosting the effects of Aid and Barter.

Bran the Builder’s Tools requires 40 Tokens of the Strong and 40 Tokens of the Rich.