AvA September Update

Hello Bannermen! It’s time for another status update on AvA. We will start the small scale beta for AvA next week (the week of 9/14 to 9/21). This beta will be web-only, and will consist of our internal Small Council group, plus some other Alliance leaders and officers we invite. Our Small Council contains members, officers, and leaders of Alliances, and with their help (and the help of a few others) we’ll start publicly testing the AvA functionality on web. The exact date of small scale testing depends on bugfixing and polish work for the web version of AvA.

The goals of this small-scale test are:

— Identify and fix bugs players encounter in the core AvA functionality: Building camps, upgrading camps, spying camps, attacking camps, gaining VP, and retrieving rewards.

— Identify and fix any broken or missing functionality in the web version of the game.

— Small-scale performance testing.

Once we’re satisfied with the small-scale testing, we will publicly open up AvA testing to players. Due to the nature of AvA and its performance problems, we need a lot of people banging on the system for an extended period of time. Large scale AvA testing could occur as soon as late next week (9/14 to 9/21). More details on that later in the week!

All AvA testing will occur on a test server specially built for AvA testing and will not impact the live game.


AvA implementation continues. So far, we have completed the following for AvA:

— Complete implementation of core AvA functionality.

— Implementation of all web UI.

— Performance and database updates for new AvA.

— Automated scaled testing of AvA attacks using new attack code.

— Internal testing of AvA camp construction, upgrade, garrison, and other core functionality.


What we are working on:

— Bugfixing and polish on web AvA.

— Implementation of iOS AvA.

— Internal testing of AvA across the board, from camp creation to phase ending.

— Final research, analysis, and implementation of VP, GP, and Material changes for AvA.

— Prepping for small-scale and large-scale web AvA testing.




Q: When do you expect AvA to be released? Has the date changed?

A: A lot depends on how the testing goes this week. If testing goes well, our performance updates work as expected, and the system functions well under heavy load, then we’ll be ready to announce a launch date for AvA after the testing. If we run into problems that requires deep rework of core aspects of AvA, the AvA relaunch could be delayed. We’re not going to officially announce a release date until we’re confident that our changes work under heavy load.


Q: When will final VP, GP, and camp material numbers be available?

A: The design team has been working on this all week. GP and VP formulas and scales are ready to be discussed, and will be posted before the small-scale testing begins. We expected to be able to share material requirements with you sooner, but investigating crafting times, crafting costs, and building bottlenecks took longer than we expected. In a recent forum post, we confirmed that the items used in camp construction will be largely the same, so the crafting many players have done in the last three months will not be wasted.


Q: Why are camp details taking longer than we expected?

A: A lot of the feedback you had on crafting chain times and relative crafting difficulty has us rethinking crafting durations, craft recipe locations, and crafting cost for a large number of items. Discussing reworking those recipes, and balancing those recipes and crafting requirements, has encouraged us to take another look at those recipes and crafting chains.

All three values (VP gain, GP scaling, and camp materials and stats), are extremely easy to modify if we need to which means we’ll be able to respond to feedback very quickly. Old AvA was difficult to modify in many ways, and we have made the newer AvA much more flexible in response to those problems.


Q: Will the CP talents that some players have put permanent talent points in affect GP?

A: We haven’t made a final decision on this yet.


Thanks for reading this post! We’re getting close to AvA being released. It has been a long journey, but we’re committed to getting AvA out and in front of you as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience, and have a great weekend!


P.S. - Surprise!