AvA: Eventide Approaches

Hey folks! High Noon was our best AvA phase yet! The competition was fierce, new strategies were tried, and victors emerged. I want to take the opportunity to review the phase and give shout-outs to some of the big winners.

But first, some exciting news: The Eventide Phase is up next! The phase will begin next Tuesday, February 9th at 11:00am EST (16:00 UTC) and run until Tuesday, February 16th at 11:00am EST (16:00 UTC). It will be much like the High Noon phase, with a few balance adjustments that I’ll discuss below.

High Noon in Review

Over the course of the High Noon Phase, we saw some record high participation and activity among all the players.

Congratulations are in order for Ashes to Ashes, who achieved First Place in three different regions!

The other First Place Alliances were:

  • A Thousand Eyes and One
  • Exiles and Outlaws
  • Ghosts of Wynterfell
  • More Fire More Blood
  • Royal Executioners
  • Wight Wedding

Expanding to the Top-10, we saw 54 different alliances achieve a top-10 rank.

For most top-10 ranks, with 6 regions, congratulations to House of Baratheon’s Bastards!

With 5 regions in the top-10: A Thousand Eyes and One

Then with 4 regions in the top-10: Ashes to Ashes, Dragon Our Arse, Kong’s Landing, Royal Executioners, and Wylde Dragon Kings.

The Alliance with the highest total VP-from-actions was Ashes to Ashes.

Another bit of interesting information is the balance between Hourly VP and Action VP. Among the top 3 ranks in each region, Hourly VP made up 36.4% of total VP. That percentage increases quickly, such that for ranks 10-15 Hourly VP made up 72% of total VP. We are exploring better ways to communicate this balance within the game.

Finally, when it comes to the balance between actions, we saw more balanced use of the different actions than in previous phases. The notable exception is Swindle, which was a clear favorite especially in the top ranks making up 22% of attacks overall and 31% of attacks from the Top 6 alliances in each region. Swindle's ability to both hurt opponents and heal yourself makes it highly valuable to a wide range of players. I’ll discuss some updates we’re making to the actions in the next section.

On to Eventide

We hope everyone is excited for the next phase, Eventide. The winners of each region will be able to obtain new titles like “the Crowned Evenstar” and “the Poisonous Evenstar”.

There are also some new updates I’d like to announce for Eventide. One of the big goals was to increase the usefulness of actions towards recovering your own camp’s health and silver pool.

We have increased Harass’ self-healing by 67%, from 120 to 200. To partially balance that out, the effects on loss (damage to self and healing of the target) have similarly been increased from 120 to 200.

Aid and Barter were both in need of significant buffs. We want Aid and Barter to be viable paths towards healing, though not so powerful that they can easily cancel out all incoming attacks. Starting in the Eventide Phase, Aid and Barter will have twice as much benefit for the winner, and 33% more benefit for the loser.

Eventide Action Table

Another area of AvA that we are paying a lot of attention to is the issue of Silver Contributions. Especially at top ranks, alliances are relying heavily on Silver Contributions to heal their Camp and restore their Silver Pool. Given the massive number of attacks being performed, this ends up creating similarly massive demand for silver. We are definitely looking at better solutions for future phases, but decided not to make any changes for the Eventide phase. Some of the other major areas of balance we still want to tackle are making defense more strategically valuable and feel appropriately rewarding, making Health as important as Silver Pool at all times (and not just matter once per hour), and making Battle Camps as valuable as the other camp specializations.

As always, we’ll be watching Eventide Phase with great interest and seeing how our players take advantage of the changes! Thanks to everyone who continues to share their input and feedback about AvA.

“Winter is coming, and we know what's coming with it. We can't face it alone.”  -- Jon Snow