Announcing reincarnation week.

Reincarnating is a great way for players to experience all the content in the game that is unique to each fealty.

Why not serve the Starks and support the Young Wolf as he rises to be King in the North or if you prefer why not see what it's like to pay the iron price for everything that is yours and support Balon Greyjoy in his attempts to gain power for the Iron Islands?

Each fealty brings its own unique quests and perspective to Game of Thrones Ascent.

It's also the only way to unlock the special fealty only talents these include the fealty buildings and exclusive talents to boost your power in GOTA.

Lastly the ability to retain a permanent talent point for every RI gives you a huge advantage over your rivals who have not reincarnated.


If you haven't reincarnated before or you've been meaning to get a few reincarnations done then this is the week to make it happen.


The major change is that all Quests in Volume 1 have had their times cut in half.

This will enable you to speed through Volume 1 and reach the Cycle of Rebirth quest that allows you to reincarnate.


Then to go along with the already reduced quest times, we have two new deals in the Shop:

Glorious Food - is a pack giving 10 random food speed-ups to get through quests.

Seals of Speed - is a pack which will give 6 peerless seals that boost quest speed.


We hope you enjoy the reduced quest times and good luck with your reincarnations!