Announcing Commander Kruge!

As Captain Kirk's foe in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, every Star Trek fan knows that a game would be incomplete without Christopher Lloyd's ruthless Klingon commander. Our version of Kruge shows the Klingon at the height of his power, sporting a trademark disruptor as he charges forward. 

In Star Trek Timelines, we love bringing both the core characters to life and their infamous enemies from specific episodes and movies. Commander Kruge was one of Kirk’s most dangerous foes, and one of the most memorable. You'll be able to recruit Kruge in Star Trek Timelines as a character with a strong focus in what the Klingon's do best: combat.

Kruge won't be the only Klingon at your command, however; keep your eyes peeled as we introduce more Klingons, from Worf to Gowron and beyond!

What do you think? What other Klingons would you love to see in Star Trek Timelines? Let us know on the forums!