An AvA Blitz phase, future AvA changes, and crafting updates!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to update you on our development direction for the next couple of weeks. Specifically, what we’re doing for crafting and AvA changes for the upcoming phase. We had a good design discussion last week, and hammered out our goals for the next few weeks.


Alliance vs. Alliance Combat


Short Term:

In the short term, we’re doing something special to mark the end of six months of AvA. Before we begin our next full phase of AvA, we’re doing a blitz phase. This blitz phase, jokingly titled Eel Phase 2: Electric Eel Boogaloo, actually titled Eel Phase 2, will be a week long and will have the same spoils, but different rewards than the Eel phase. Camps will be reset and VP wiped before the blitz phase begins. The AvA schedule is:


  • Wednesday, April 23rd at 12:00pm EDT (16:00 UTC): End of the Eel Phase.
  • Wednesday, April 30th at 12:00pm EDT (16:00 UTC): Beginning of Eel Phase 2.
  • [Updated] Saturday, May 10th at 12:00pm EDT (16:00 UTC): End of the Eel Phase 2.
  • [Updated] Monday, May 19th at 12:00pm EDT (16:00 UTC): Beginning of the Thunder Phase


Mid Term:

We’re making changes to how AvA performs for the Thunder phase and beyond.


Garrison Changes:

  • Garrison sizes will be increased at every camp level.
  • Players will be able to add more than one Sworn Sword per garrison. The number of Sworn Swords you may garrison per player will increase proportional to the camp’s level.
  • The camp defender formula will be reworked to greatly reduce the number of Sworn Swords chosen as defenders many times in a row, which should decrease the number of Sworn Swords killed in action.

AvA Attack Changes:

  • All possible attackers are now pulled from garrisoned Sworn Swords. You may not attack in AvA with a Sworn Sword that is not garrisoned in a camp.
  • Sworn Swords garrisoned in a camp may attack any camp in that region. For example, a Sworn Sword garrisoned in a camp in the Reach may be used to attack any camp in the Reach.
  • Sworn Swords that are not garrisoned will not be able to participate in AvA.

Camp Upgrade Changes:

  • Camp upgrade requirements, both silver and items, will scale based on the current number of AvA participants.


Overall goals of these changes: AvA needed some significant underlying changes to bring it into line, both in terms of fairness and in terms of balance. For fairness, too many small Alliances were doing disproportional amounts of damage due to their large numbers of Sworn Swords and Command Points. For balance, small Alliances found higher-level camps impossible to acquire, due to the escalating cost of upgrades. These changes will address those issues.

For pulling attackers from the existing garrison, we’re still working on the exact number of Sworn Swords each player will be able to garrison per camp. This number will be informed by our metrics from the last six phases of AvA, specifically by looking at average attacker Command Points.

By limiting attackers to only Sworn Swords set in garrisons in that region, we hope to encourage Alliances to focus on specific regions. While it absolutely will be possible to attack in multiple regions, some expenditure of effort and resources will be needed to do so. The days of sending out AvA attacks with no camps are over.

Lastly, by limiting attackers to the garrisoned Sworn Swords, we make AvA attacks a form of risk versus reward. Does your Alliance keep their camp protected, or go for extra VP through attacks?


Item Crafting


We’re rolling out our first changes to crafting in the upcoming weeks.


Crafting Changes:

  • Items that have a chance of being successful (Pyre, Wildfire, Baby Dragon, etc.) will have a greater chance of succeeding every time you fail.
  • Each item has a different increase of success, so it will be easier to create Wildfire than to birth a Dragon.
  • The counter will be reset on a successful creation of the item.
  • When this feature is deployed, we are working for all players to have their previous failures since their last success calculated and added to egg quickening and dragon hatching. Wildfire, Fireship, Pyre, and other item failures not related to hatching a dragon will not be added retroactively.

These are the first changes for our crafting revamp, and we hope this will bring some light to the tunnel for our dragon hatchers. It also starts some much-needed improvements to the crafting system, and lays the groundwork for greater changes in the upcoming months.


That’s all I have for now! Please follow this link to leave any comments or feedback. As always, these systems are subject to change, so we’re more than happy to listen to your feedback and suggestions while we begin work AvA and crafting.