Alliance vs. Alliance: The Harvest Phase to Next Phase Transition

Hey everyone,

Here’s an outline of the Harvest Phase and the beginning of the next phase!

When will the Harvest Phase end?

The Harvest Phase will end at 12/10/13 12:00pm EST (17:00 UTC).

What happens when the Harvest Phase ends?

New AvA actions will be locked. No more camp upgrades or repairs will be possible for that phase. AvA actions and camp upgrades that were started before the end of the phase will complete as normal.

What about rewards?

You’ll no longer need to wait until the beginning of the next phase to claim your rewards. Once we verify the winners, we’ll deliver rewards to players.

If I reincarnate, will I receive my rewards?

As long as you do not leave your Alliance, you’ll receive your rewards. Reincarnating does NOT change your Alliance affiliation. Alliance membership is stored on the account level, not the character level, precisely to deal with this sort of issue.

When will you announce the victors?

Running the formulas to determine who the victors are takes time, and we manually verify each victor before giving out prizes. Please give us at least 24 hours before we announce official victors and start handing out prizes.

Where do we see the victors?

You’ll see the victors in the same place you view your power or an Alliance’s power: the Throne button on the top-right of your screen.

When does the next phase begin?

The next phase will begin at 12:00pm EST on Friday, 12/20/13.

What happens when the new phase begins?

All camps are reset to 0. All victory points are reset to 0. All war participants are reset. Spoils switch from Harvest Spoils to the next phase. Alliance Challenges switch to require the next spoils, but Harvest Spoils that have already been contributed will remain in the challenge. New recipes will be added in the Alchemist’s Guild to convert Harvest Spoils into the next phase spoils, though it will be at a heavy loss.

10 days is a lot longer than last phase’s 48 hours!

We listened to our player’s feedback, and many asked for a longer break between phases. We listened and extended the break between phases to 10 days.