Alliance UI Improvements

Hello Bannermen!

It’s time for another blog, this time with a peek into some improvements we’re making to the Alliance Search screen and the Alliance Join screen.

What’s that? Alliance searches, you say? It’s true! They’re coming to Game of Thrones Ascent in a future build. Not only are Alliance searches coming, we’re also adding new ways to categorize your Alliance, and more information for players who want to join an Alliance.

NOTE: All screenshots in this blog come from an in-development tablet (iPad) version of GoTA. UI and functionality may change before release, and the final version will look different depending on platform.


The Problem

A common request from players of all ages has been to find specific Alliances, or Alliances that match their playstyle. That has been difficult without going to the forums and finding an Alliance invite URL, or happening to see your favorite Alliance on the Alliance Join panel, or receiving an in-game invite through messages. Without those difficult methods, it was difficult to join a specific Alliance.


The Solution

Alliance Join and the Alliance Info panel have been updated and improved. Here is an in-development shot from the iPad version of the game:

Here are the changes you’ll see when first opening up the window to join an Alliance:

  1. A new tooltip explaining what Alliances are, and why you may want to join one.
  2. A new search bar for Alliances (more on this next).
  3. A short description of the Alliance. Alliances can say things like, “We are an Alliance dedicated to hunting all pastries in Westeros.” This can be set by the Alliance.
  4. The info button shows more info about the Alliance (more on this later).

No longer will you have to join an Alliance based on name only! No longer will Alliance leaders struggle to define what their Alliance does to new potential members!

NOTE: The “Join” button changes state depending on the Alliance settings. It may either say Join, Invite, or Closed. Join means the Alliance is open to membership, Invite means that you can click on the Alliance to request an invite, and Closed means the Alliance is closed to new members.

And what if you’re looking for a specific new Alliance? Well, now you can search for Alliances based on name and Alliance type:

The new search function has two components:

  1. The ability to search for an Alliance based on name. Alliances that meet this criteria will show up above the Suggested Alliances.
  2. The ability to choose none, some, or all criteria when looking for an Alliances. Alliances will have the opportunity to call themselves any or all of the criteria - Newbie Friendly, Casual, Role-Playing, Competitive, or Open - and new members will be able to filter their searches to only Alliances that are some or all of the criteria.

But players need more information than just a member count, name, and motto to know which Alliance to join; that’s why we are adding an Info screen, to surface more information about the Alliance you’re about to join:

Clicking or tapping on the info button now shows detailed information about the Alliance.

  1. A note on the current status of the World Event.
  2. A reminder about the cool stuff you can take part in, after you join an Alliance.
  3. A snapshot of who the leader of the Alliance is.
  4. Some information about the Alliance, including war participants, VP, power, and other info.

The black bar below this info is a secret that will be revealed in the future …


Release Date

We’re still working on the design and implementation of these improvements, so we do not have a release date. We will let you know when we’re closer to these improvements going live. We’re excited to bring them to the game, and we think they’ll be a big improvement to how our players search for and join Alliances.