Alliance Spotlight: The Heroic Regiment of Bunnies

Welcome to the first in the series of many Alliances we'll be featuring for Game of Thrones Ascent! We sat down with the Leader and Officers of the Heroic Regiment of Bunnies to learn more about what makes them hop.


Besame Pyke - BQ / Mama Bunny / Bunny Queen


Mitsuhiko Fujiwara a.k.a. "Doc" - Grand Maester 

Manda Batmylashes - Mistress of Coin and the Red Keep

Carrot Ironfounderson a.k.a. "Carrot" 

Ryam Storm a.k.a. "Tony" - Commander of the City Watch 

Jacobi Eros X - Master of Laws

Dustin Peckledon - Grand Maester of the citadel

Romules Wolf -  Master of the White Crow

Second Council

Michael Garibay VIII - Commander of the Queensguard

Sticky Peaches be Firm - Lead Assassin of Warfare

What makes your Alliance unique?

To sum it up in a word, as old fashion as it sounds... Honor. We play the game straight, no loops holes or exploits. We play for fun, we play hard during AvA and at the end of day we play for each other.

How many members do you have, and when were you established?

We are up to 60-70 active members in AvA and 86 members total. We started August 26th, 2014 and have been going strong ever since. We were originally the fuzzy pink bunnies (established back during the 2nd AvA in GoTA) but now defunct.

What are your favorite things to do as a group in the game?

Our in house contests that we open up to all GoTA gamers, Our Rom & Conner's Gyro Corner where we talk shop and math, compare items in the shop. We theorycraft a lot.. then look at our numbers and see how we might actually pull it off with an alliance our size without taking in the new "trend" of mercs. Our skype calls have really brought us closer and more united as a team.

What are you proud of as an alliance?

Every AvA win is always a proud achievement for us. We always strive to do better,  If i had to narrow it down I guess maybe our first AvA win. First tier 2 alliance to win a region and that was after being wiped by 3 alliances attacking us. We've gotten better prepared since then! :p

Me personally, I'm proud of just the alliance as a whole. The attitude is definitely different than in other alliances and we do tend to help each other out more. I like seeing members getting their first ava win for the first time. Thats a big highlight for me in the game.

Do you accept new members? If so, what are the criteria applicants need to meet and how can they apply?

We accept new members through an interview process with a recruiting officer. There isn't a hard line criteria, so much as we strive to make sure our alliance is a match to their play style and gaming goals. We are very team oriented here, we do not hire or supply mercs, and there are lots of ways we can help make a new member stronger if they have the same mindset. Anyone is welcome to join our Diplomacy page if they want to see what life is like with a cotton tail, or just share a meme.

Other Fun Stuff

We have a few things we are constantly doing in alliance and some outside alliance contests, and we run them quite a bit.

Rom & Conner's Gyro Corner - We try and suggest good purchases from the shop for members builds. We also have created a few document / online calculators to figure out what our defense stat and/or offense stat would be in AvA or PtP, and how large of a crit your sworn sword is capable of.

There are few other things but hey we need to keep some things fun things alliance only! :p