Alliance Spotlight: House of Rebirth

In our second of the series, May's Alliance Spotlight is on House of Rebith, an alliance filled with players who view the game differently and plan to reincarnate dozens of times or more! A few of the members even plan to gather every permanent talent point for their character.



Nyt Wysp


Dorian Stromgarde
Valar Dohaeris
Ms Vance
Dimitrios Starkold

What do you feel is different about HoR?

There's many things about House of Rebirth that make us different than everyone else but the main difference is we really don't know anything about AvA. Unless it's an ABBA cover band. If AvA is an ABBA cover band then we might know a song or two. We might secretly know all the ABBA songs but we can not confirm nor deny that allegation. All of our members join us having planned dozens and dozens of reincarnations. We even have a few members who plan to perm every talent available in the fealty houses. We see the game completely different than most of the community and we work together to make reincarnation fun. Occasionally someone will post a picture of a cat and we'll all laugh. To keep things running smoothly we have a thread on our forum dedicated to people announcing they have reincarnated. This allows us to hit fresh incarns 24/7 and makes getting getting the Obsidian Dagger easy. The real thing that sets us apart is that we see the game in years and not AvA phases. When a player decides to be a serial reincarnater they know they are setting out on something that will take months, if not years to complete. It forces us to look at everything from Sworn Swords, to craftables, to gold purchases differently than the player who just wants to win the next AvA phase. To help with this we have guides to the different ways to train a Sworn Swords and why you may want to do different types of training, to charts of all the craftable items and what's needed for each item, to a full list of all the gold and craftable speed gear available in the game. It's important to me that each person is able to build the character they want to build. We will help every single member who ask us a question but we dont tell them what they must do. We show them the options of what's available for what they're looking for and the different ways they might achieve their goal. To us an informed player who makes their own decisions will stick around longer and have more fun than if we do everything for them besides click the button.


What makes your alliance feel like home to you?

House of Rebirth has been my home since last June, 2014, when I cut off the head of the old leader and took his kingdom. It's not as bad as it sounds. He was an old English guy who was more worried about tea and crumpets than floating to the blue light of happiness every few days. Ever since then I've turned the place into a thriving community. We have our own forum for easy communication and guides. My goal for our forum is to have more and better information about the game then you can find anywhere else... it's a work in progress...On a serious note, the members in this alliance mean more to me than they'll ever know. Some of them I even hope to be friends with until the release of Game of Thrones Ascent 2: The Wrath of Khal. Some days it don't come easy. Some days it don't come hard. Maybe I'm crazy but it's crazy and its true that everything from the forum, to the guides, to even the math everything I do I do for them.


Are you open to new members, or closed?

We're always open to new members. We've kept a monthly average of 125 active members in the past year. Every month we send inactive members to The Wall to insure that all of our members are active and helping each other out. We like to make sure our bq's, which we have many of, go to our own members. For that we have dedicated spies on the lookout for anyone not in the alliance who tries to friend every single member of House of Rebirth. Our spies are usually the people who like to scream, 'OMG!!! SOMEONE'S COMING!!!' Our spies rotate so we can never be sure who our screamer for the day is going to be. Everyone from new players to old veterans, if someone has decided they want to walk the path of a serial reincarnater we will welcome them in as our newest member. We do have an interview process that everyone in House of Rebirth has gone through before they became full fledged members but it's an easy process and mostly harmless.


Do you have a Facebook Page or other website or forums you use to chat outside the game? If so, would you like this to be shared with other players?

If someone would like to join our alliance or just chat with us, the best way to get a hold of us is through our forum,

Anything else you feel is of interest to your alliance culture that you want to share.

House of Rebirth has a motto. We were lucky enough to have a marketing agency pick up our motto and turn it into a commercial. Now, I would love for you to listen to Bruce Campbell tell you the House of Rebirth motto in his own words; House of Rebirth by Bruce Campbell.