You make choices, and those choices have consequences. They can change the world, and they can change you.

When you perform a quest and make a decision, that decision may change your alignment – your representation of the aggregate choices of what you have done and how you did it. Alignment affects how others treat you, who asks you for aid, and what choices you have available in the future. Other players may also choose to work with you—or against you—depending on whether your alignment coincides with their own goals.


One of the unique aspects of the world of Westeros is that moral decisions frequently involve shades of gray beyond the simple “good versus evil” or “light versus dark” dilemmas. As you play, you will definine not only how you think about morality—you’ll define yourself in a way based on the unique themes present in Game of Thrones. You can distinguish yourself by Tradition, Duty, and Integrity.

Tradition: Old Ways Old Ways vs. New Ways New Ways

You may find yourself mediating between a tough woods witch and a shrewd septa. The edicts of the First Men have not aligned with those of Faith, and you will please one while offending the other. In the Tradition axis of alignment, you can pick the Old Ways that represent personal justice and the stories of the First Men, or you can side with the New Ways that embody chivalry and the Faith of the Seven. Which path will you follow?

Duty: Family Family vs. Realm Realm

You may have to pick between defending your family or upholding the laws of the realm. What is good for the kingdom may not be good for your heirs, and what benefits your own house could be bad for Westeros. The Family alignment of the Duty axis represents the priority you place on your house, yourself, and those close to you, while the Realm alignment shows your inclination towards the kingdom and the greater good. Is kinship the highest responsibility or is the health of the entire land?

Integrity: Cunning Cunning vs. Truthful Truthful

Perhaps honesty is the best policy … or perhaps not. The truth may gain you allies, or may hurt your standing in Westeros. Lies play to your advantage, or come back to haunt you. The Integrity axis allows you to be Cunning, which means you look for advantage in any situation, or Truthful, where you are straightforward and direct. No situation is black and white, and you must decide: are you crafty or candid?

There are many choices in Westeros. Which ones will you make? Why do you make them? And who will you become? Game of Thrones Ascent is about making hard choices.  You will be known not only for how much power you’ve ascended to—but how you got there.