A Look Ahead - Early 2016

It’s been a while since we’ve done a ‘roadmap’ post, so we figured you’d like a little insight into what the GoTA teams is and will (probably) be working on now and in the future.

PLEASE keep in mind that these are the things we’re working on and the areas we currently want to focus on; this isn’t an exact list of what will be out in the next X weeks. Plans will change, some things will take longer than expected, and we’ll be continually reviewing both our internal metrics and your feedback to make sure we’re working on the things that make the most sense.


With that disclaimer out of the way, here’s what we’re thinking about!


Performance Fixes

As GoTA has aged, some of the systems have held up better than others. The most dedicated players have inventories of items, sworn swords and seals that far outstrip what we expected years ago, and similarly outstrip some of the technical systems backing the game. One of our biggest near-term focuses is reworking some of that tech to provide a better end-user experience for high-level players.

Areas of focus include:

  • Making the adventure party work better with large numbers of sworn swords
  • Improving game loading speed (and consistency) for players with very large/complicated games
  • Removing lag due to incoming PtP attacks


Quality of Life Improvements

Loading times/performance isn’t the only area that huge inventories have impacted. A number of the game’s interfaces haven’t scaled as well as we’d hoped, so we’ll be looking at a few of the worst offenders in an attempt to improve general usability.

Flows we’d like to improve include:

  • Equipping characters and sworn swords
  • Managing and training sworn swords
  • Continuing to fix long-standing bugs and issues


AvA Improvements

We’ve been happy with the engagement and stability of the last few AvA phases, but while we’ve been fairly focused on improving the technical aspects we’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on the gameplay aspects that we haven’t been able to act on.

Some of our areas of focus will be:

  • Making defending your camps feel better and more rewarding
  • Tweaking the balance of power among different actions and attributes
  • Looking at the balancing of silver costs to remain interesting for high-silver alliances while not being totally infeasible for smaller alliances
  • Improving the UX of some of the common AvA flows
  • Adding more tools for alliance leaders and officers


Cool new things to do!

In addition the the fixes and changes above, we’re working on a number of new things to do and goals to achieve that we’re really excited about.

  • More meaningful craftable and evolvable items
  • Adding an option to pay gold to instantly revive your sworn swords instead of replacing them
  • Higher-level talents
  • New seals, items, and quests!

As you can see, we’ve got a lot on our plates! We appreciate your patience as we work our way through the list, and we definitely appreciate your continued feedback and suggestions.