A guide to using the Item Enhancement system

Let’s talk about Item Enhancements and seals!  Not seals that eat fish and hang out on rocks, but the kind that make your Game of Thrones Ascent items more powerful!

What is Item Enhancement all about?
Item Enhancement is all about improving and customizing items and Sworn Swords.  You can improve items and Sworn Swords by applying seals, which are shown on the information card for each item or Sworn Sword. Item Enhancement also allows you to make an item or Sworn Sword permanent, and allows you to rename an item.

In the image below-left, Helpful Elaena Tollett has her seals equipped below her image.

What items can seals improve?
You can apply seals to hand slot items, body slot items, companions, and Sworn Swords.

So, what do seals do?
Seals improve the stats of an item or Sworn Sword.  The improvement depends on the speciality of each seal. For example, the Blacksmith’s Mark gives +1 to Battle and +1% to Fight, while the Mark of the Little Birds provides +2 to Intrigue and +1% to all Intrigue attacks and Intrigue defenses. Seals follow the same rarity as items, and come in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Peerless rarities. The rarest seals have the greatest stats of them all!

How do I apply a seal?
To apply a seal, you can ‘flip’ an item card over and apply the seal to a seal slot by clicking the arrow on the upper right corner (right next to the item name). At least one seal slot is unlocked on all but Common items, and extra seal slots can be unlocked with gold.

What if I want to replace a seal I’ve already applied?
Once a seal is applied, it’s permanently tied to that item.  You can replace that seal with a new seal, but the original one will then be lost.  There is no way to get a seal back once you’ve applied it -- so be careful!

Does applying a seal cost gold?
No. Applying a seal to an open seal slot does not cost gold.  It does cost a small amount of silver.

How many seals can I apply?
That depends on the specific item.  Some let you only apply one, while other have as many as six total slots. The number of seal slots - both unlocked and locked - usually depends on the item’s base rarity. For example, Longclaw is a peerless item and has six slots, while a common Longsword only has one slot.  The superior results from crafting do not affect an item’s seal slots -- so a Sharp Longsword of Weeping will still only have one seal slot.

Can I get more seal slots?
Every item has a maximum number of seals slots that the item can have.  Some items have slots that are always open and ready to have seals right away.  You can gain access to the locked seal slots by spending gold.  Note that once you spend gold to unlock a seal slot, that item is now permanent and will stay with you across reincarnation, and cannot be used in crafting.

Can you explain more about item permanence?
Permanent items will stay with you across incarnations -- so before you reincarnate, be sure to take a look at what you want to keep from your inventory!  Prior to Item Enhancement, the only items that were permanent were those purchased with gold.  Through Item Enhancement, you can make any item permanent, even if it was not originally permanent.  When you spend gold to unlock a seal slot or spend gold to rename an item, you make that item permanent.

What if my permanent Sworn Sword dies?

If your permanent Sworn Sword is killed, then you will receive a new permanent Sworn Sword after you replace the old one. The new, replaced Sworn Sword will have the same seals and same stats, but will be one level lower than they previously were.

Tyrion’s wine-sopped breeches! Did you say I can rename items?
Yup!  You can now spend gold to rename hand slot items, body slot items, or companions. You cannot rename Sworn Swords, though you may make them permanent.

Do the items I already own gain seal slots?
They do, indeed.  All existing items and Sworn Swords that would have seal slots in the new system will have them once the Item Enhancements feature goes live, and future items will also have seal slots.

So how do I gain seals?
You gain seals by participating and winning Player-to-Player actions.  Remember, you can gain seals for beneficial actions as well as hostile ones! If you’re not comfortable attacking someone, aid them or barter with them!  There will also be some special seals available as rewards for certain actions throughout the game and and often some will be available in the shop.

You have a greater chance to acquire seals of the PtP action type you used. For example, if you are bartering, you have a greater chance to acquire trade seals. However, all actions have a chance to acquire all types of seals.

You may also acquire seals by defending against a PtP action. The victor of the PtP gains the seals, whether that is the attacker or the defender.

—- If you are level 149 or below, the other player may not be less than 5 levels below you in order for you to gain a seal.
—- If you are level 150-249, then a successful PtP action against any player with level above 145 may grant you a seal.
—- If you are level 250+, then a successful PtP action against any player level 200 or above may grant you a sea.

You said my Sworn Sword was permanent, and I just reincarnated and I don’t see it -- what gives?
Don’t worry, they’re not gone!  They are waiting for you to grow into your abilities a bit more.  New nobles in Westeros don’t have immediate access to all of their inheritances.  You will have access to your permanent hand slot items, body slot items, and companions, but you must get to level 4 before you will see your permanent Sworn Swords.

We cannot wait to see what you do with our new Item Enhancement system. Thanks to all Bannermen for your patience while we worked on Item Enhancements. As always, let us know what you think in the forums!