A guide to using Adventure Parties!

Hello everyone!





Tonight is the night!

Adventure Parties are now live with tonight's build! To explain how they work, we have put together this step-by-step guide for the first-time partier.


To begin using Adventure Parties, you’ll first need to allocate at least one talent point to the Novice Adventurers talent. Talents that increase the size of your party are free, and talents that increase the flexibility of your Adventure Party cost gold.



After your talent points are allocated, head into your holdings and click on your Keep.



In your Keep, you’ll notice that there is now a new tab: Adventure Party! Click on this tab to manage your Adventure Party.



Here it is! You’ll see a few important bits of information here:

--Sworn Swords available: This is how many Sworn Swords you have available for the party. Keep in mind that Sworn Swords must be completely idle - not in AvA, not in PtP, not in a state where Adventure results need to be calculated. If they’re not available for the party for some reason, try sending them out on a quick adventure and viewing the results. That should fix it so they may be added.
--Your party is limited by your Command Points. No Command Points? No Adventures!
--Your party is also limited by your Party Size. Your Party Size is limited by the talent points you put in the talents.

So after looking at this, click on “Set Sworn Sword” to set Sworn Swords individually, or click “Fill All” to automatically add all idle Sworn Swords.



Once your Sworn Swords are in the party, set an action for them. Without a premium talent, you’re limited to setting a single type of action for all of your Sworn Swords. With the premium talent, you can either automatically set their best action, or assign the action individually.



Next you select what Adventure you want them to go on. Without a premium talent, you’re limited to setting a single Adventure for all of your Sworn Swords. With the premium talent, you may individually set adventures for each Sworn Sword.



Now you’re ready to send them off! Click the “Send Out 10 Ready.”



After the actions are processed, you’ll see all Sworn Swords counting down in the Adventure Party. They’ll count down until their adventures are done.


If you have a lot of Sworn Swords, THIS CAN TAKE SOME TIME! Please let the system process your Adventures.



If you look at the Sworn Swords in the Keep, you’ll see them out on an adventure as if you sent them off individually.



Once the Sworn Swords are done, you’ll see the results in the Adventure Party. YOU DO NOT NEED TO VIEW EVERY RESULT TO ACQUIRE THE ITEMS OR SILVER! Simply clicking on the Adventure Party deposits the items and silver into your character’s storage.

At this point, you may do two things:

--Immediately send out all of the Sworn Swords on the same adventure with the same actions. You can do that by clicking “Send Out 10 Ready.”
--Mark Results as Viewed. This will clear the results and let you make any changes to actions, adventures, etc.



After you unlock the premium talents, a number of additional options come up.

--Bonus Rolls unlock with the Treasure Seekers talent. After acquiring 10,000 Sworn Sword training points, you earn a roll on a bonus loot table. You can unlock up to two bonus rolls for each 10,000 training points you earn.
--Bonus silver unlocks with the Lucky End talent. When you receive double silver, your silver doubles and the silver icon changes to a double coin, blue background icon.
--Sometimes rare items drop in your adventures; you can see all of the items by scrolling down the list of Sworn Swords.



This image shows a fully-unlocked Adventure Party. In addition to the bonuses above, some more unlocks are active:

--I have chosen to Set Best. Set Best first sorts by best chance of victory, then sorts by shortest time to complete the adventure.
--I set a boon to my Sworn Swords. Setting a boon requires the premium Inspiring Minstrel talent, which then allows you to use a single boon item that is applied to all Sworn Swords in the party. In other words, I used one Wildefire to apply to all ten of my Sworn Swords! Remember, boons must be set AFTER Sworn Swords are sent out on Adventures!
--Because I unlocked the Individual Assignments premium talent, I can also choose individual adventures for my party members. I chose to send Lucky Satin Wayn on an adventure to White Knife, while everyone else heads to Harlaw.

Of course there are layers to this system that you’ll experiment with, but this covers the basics on how to access and use your new Adventure Parties. Go forth and party hard!