A Detailed Post on Stage 1 of World Events

Hey everyone! This blog post takes you through the new adventures, quests, and items that are coming with the first stage of World Events.

NOTE: The following screenshots are taken from a testing server, and may not reflect the final version of the system. Screenshots were taken on the web version of the game. Mobile and Tablet players may find their game looks different from the web version.


Preparing for Battle

Stage 1 of World Events is focused on preparing for Stage 2’s Alliance vs. Alliance conflict. This first part of World Events lasts a week, and consists of new quests and adventures for our players. The core changes and updates for this stage are:

  • The stage lasts one week.
  • Has new, unique quests.
  • Has new, unique adventures.
  • Camps may be constructed.
  • Camps require their normal contribution items except for AvA spoils.
  • Camp silver costs are reduced from their normal (Stage 2) costs.
  • Instead of AvA spoils, camps now require new spoils from the Stage 1 quests to be constructed.
  • Camps are capped at Level 10.
  • Camps cannot be attacked, and no AvA actions are allowed.
  • Camps do not accrue hourly VP.
  • The War Map remains blank, since no VP is being accumulated.
  • Until Stage 2, Alliances will be unable to spy out where other Alliances have built their camps. This is intended, and influenced our decision to limit camps to level 10.


Why Build Camps in Stage 1?

Stage 1 of the World Event cycle is about preparation. Alliances have a chance to stock up on resources, build camps, and prepare for war. For those Alliances that prepare well during Stage 1, they start Stage 2 with an advantage: larger camps, a greater CP limit, and greater hourly VP contributions. For those Alliances who wait until Stage 2 to begin, they must fight an uphill battle, clawing their way to the top of their region.

Building camps in Stage 1 isn’t without risk, however. With no Spy actions available, there is no easy in-game way to find out where your opponents are building. You may find that you have spent all of Stage 1 building camps to take The North - and that all of your enemies have as well. Alliances who stay on the sidelines during Stage 1 may be able to nimbly shift to an available region, and take the prize.


New Quests and Adventures

Stage 1 contains new performance quests rewarding you for participating in new adventures and PtP actions. You can choose to do one quest, the other quest, or both. They’ll show up when you log in:

Completing these quests earns you the new Stage 1 spoils, which allow you to upgrade your Alliance’s camps during Stage 1. The dialog choice you make in the quest determines your reward, so if your Alliance is going for a Fight camp, make sure you complete the Battle option of the quest! Each quest can be completed up to three times a day, letting each player acquire up to six spoils per day. If you don’t want to participate in the first stage, these quests expire and remove themselves from your active quests at the end of Stage 1.

The spoils required to upgrade a camp in Stage 1 depend on the tier of your Alliance. We introduced tiers in our earlier blog post, and they alter your camp upgrade requirements based on your war participants. The tiers are:

  • 1 - 25 participants.
  • 26 - 50 participants.
  • 51 - 100 participants.
  • 101 - 200 participants.
  • 201 - 500 participants.

In an Alliance of ten war participants, it should be possible to build a level 10 camp by the end of Stage 1. In an Alliance of thirty war participants, it will be possible to build up to two camps by the end of stage 1. And with sixty war participants, it is possible to build up to three level 10 camps. As your Alliance grows in size, you’ll need more spoils to build your camps, but you’ll also have more players to complete quests and donate spoils to the camp.

Players may complete the new adventures as many times as they wish, but only the quests give spoils for camp upgrades. After the quests are completed three times in a day, you need to wait until the next day to complete them again and gain more spoils. Contributing spoils or contributing items to a camp in Stage 1 marks you as a war participant for the rest of the World Event cycle.

The first quest for this cycle is called “Enemies Everywhere,” and asks you to clean up some of your foes in Braavos:

Enemies Everywhere asks you to complete certain types of PtP actions, but those actions can either be harmful or helpful. The example above asks for successful Intrigue attacks against another player. You can either attack another player in Steal or Sabotage actions, or Spy on them for information. For Fight and Trade, you can choose either harmful or helpful actions. What completes the quest are successful actions of that type, not whether they are harmful or helpful.

The second quest for this cycle is called “Seeking a Loan,” and asks you to earn favor in Braavos:

There aren’t hard numbers for these quests - they ask you to win PtP attacks with a quarter of your Command Points, or complete Adventures with half of your Command Points. This way, both lower-level and high-level players can complete these quests in a timely fashion.

Players may complete one or both of these quests to gain the new spoils from the quests.

If you choose to complete the Adventures, you’ll find them in the Forging Bonds section of the Adventure panel:

(The final art for the new adventures will be in Monday’s build)


These new adventures don’t just complete the quest; they also drop new items for your character or Sworn Swords. Here are two of the new items you’ll see with Monday’s build:



There are four new items coming in Stage 1, one for each adventure, but don’t worry if your specialty isn’t present! We’ll add new items with different specialties with each World Event cycle.


Stage 1 Camp Upgrades

The spoils you receive from completing these performance quests may be contributed to your camps to upgrade them during Stage 1. The camp upgrade requirements scale based on Alliance tier, so smaller Alliances will need fewer spoils to contribute at each level.

Silver requirements for camps have been reduced during Stage 1, to compensate for the lack of barter AvA actions. In Stage 2, silver requirements will increase to their current (Bat phase) amounts. Any silver contributed to the camp will remain in the camp when the stage changes.

NOTE: You’re still picking the specialty of your camps in Stage 1! Make sure your Alliance picks the specialty that they want, since camps cannot be changed in Stage 2.

NOTE: Your camps will not accrue Victory Points during Stage 1.

When your camp reaches level 10, you will be able to contribute items and silver in preparation for an upgrade to level 11. Once Stage 1 has ended and Stage 2 has begun, your silver contribution requirement will increase to the normal amount, your existing spoils will be wiped (but not your other camp item contributions), and all camps will switch to requiring the new AvA spoils. This means that the furthest you may take a camp in Stage 1 is to level 10, with all of your non-spoil contribution items contributed, and half of your required silver in the camp.

NOTE: Except for spoils, all items and silver will remain in your camps when the stage changes to Stage 2. All spoils from Stage 1 will be removed from all camps, and replaced with requirements for AvA spoils.


iOS and Android

World Events, including the Stage 1 adventures and quests, will be available to our mobile players as well! Look for them in your version of Game of Thrones Ascent.


Onward to Stage 2!

Thanks for reading! Next week, we’ll go over what Stage 2, also known as AvA, entails for our players. While many of you are familiar with how AvA works, there are new Alliance Challenges to complete, and preparation to be done for Stage 3 of World Events. A week or two after our blog post for Stage 2, we’ll start teasing what Stage 3, the actual World Event, looks like. Check back each week for more news and posts!