A Detailed Overview of the Quartermaster and Tactics

The core of The Long Night expansion are two systems: The Quartermaster, and Alliance / Member Tactics. Underneath both systems is a new currency called Prestige, which you earn through playing the game.

This is a long blog post, but we highly encourage you to read it all of the way through!


Summary of the Changes

  • Two new systems, the Quartermaster and Tactics, are coming to Game of Thrones Ascent. They are found in your Alliance screen.
  • A new currency called Prestige is used to unlock tactics. Prestige is earned through in-game actions and at the Quartermaster. Players can earn up to two Quartermaster keys per day, or purchase additional ones.
  • Prestige is used to open new Alliance and member tactics that improve your game in various ways.
  • Tactics last a period of time before expiring. They can then be reactivated or swapped out.
  • Only Alliance members may take advantage of tactics.
  • You lose your tactics bonuses when leaving an Alliance.
  • You keep prestige and supply keys between Alliances and through reincarnation.



Prestige is a currency like silver and gold, and can be spent on activating your tactics or an Alliance’s tactics. Like gold, it persists through reincarnations. Prestige can be viewed in your Alliance window, and is earned in two ways: through the Quartermaster, and through playing the game.

At the Quartermaster, you can find prestige in supply boxes. We’ll get into earning supply boxes in the next section.

You also earn prestige through playing the game. Adventures, AvA actions, AvA defenses, PtP attacks, PtP defenses (with a defending Sworn Sword), and Alliance Challenges all award prestige. The amount they award varies based on their difficulty and your level.

Prestige earned through game actions (PtP, Adventures, AvA, etc.) is capped at 2,000 prestige per day. Prestige earned through the Quartermaster is uncapped. Our design team balanced prestige gain so that it’ll take several Adventure Party waves for an average player to hit the prestige cap. When you hit the prestige cap, you’ll receive a free Quartermaster key, letting you gain even more prestige!


Prestige has a star icon, and is shown in the Alliance window


The Quartermaster

If you’re in an Alliance, you’ll earn a Quartermaster key each day that you log in. This key allows you to open one of the Quartermaster’s supply boxes. These boxes give you prestige and items, including some new items that can only be acquired through the Quartermaster. If you hit the prestige cap, we’ll give you another key that you can use at the Quartermaster. These two keys can be earned by any player in an Alliance.

You can only have two keys at a time, but you can have an unlimited amount of prestige and items - use your keys each day! If you have two keys, you won’t be able to get a new one until you use one of them. Keys will persist through reincarnation, just as prestige will.

You can visit the Quartermaster from the new Quartermaster tab on your Alliance. You can also visit the Quartermaster by clicking the Visit button after claiming your first key of the day. NOTE: If you are not in an Alliance, you will not be able to claim a key. Only Alliance players will be able to claim a key each day.

Opening up a supply box gives you prestige or one of many different items. You can earn anywhere from 200 to 1,000 prestige from the Quartermaster; you can earn seals; or you can earn some new, permanent, peerless items that have a very small chance of dropping. If you get one of these new items, congratulations! You are an extremely lucky person.

If you run out of keys, you can purchase another supply box for five gold. Using your daily keys at the Quartermaster is one of the main ways to earn prestige and activate your tactics.


Grab your Supply Key on the Daily Rewards. If you aren’t in an Alliance, join one!


And take them to the Quartermaster!


You can sometimes get rare, new items from the Quartermaster


Alliance and Member Tactics

Tactics are a new system we’re introducing with The Long Night. Tactics allow our Alliances and their members to customize bonuses for themselves. Alliance tactics affect all Alliance members, while member tactics only affect you. And how do you unlock these tactics? Why, using prestige, of course!

Each tactic is listed in your new Tactics tab on your Alliance. Both member tactics and Alliance tactics share some characteristics. Those are:

  • A duration. Each tactic is active for a period of time. In most cases, this is three days, but this can vary from tactic to tactic.
  • A stat. Each tactic alters your character in some way. These stats vary from the familiar (speeding up your actions) to the exotic (character XP and Sworn Sword XP).
  • A cost. Each tactic costs prestige to activate. Alliance tactics require quite a bit of prestige, requiring that you collaborate with your Alliance members to unlock them. Member tactics are much cheaper.

In order to use tactics, you need to unlock your tactic slots. Every Alliance starts off with one Alliance tactic slot and one member tactic slot. By contributing prestige, you can unlock up to four member tactic slots and up to four Alliance tactic slots. These slots are one-time purchases, and last for the lifetime of the Alliance. NOTE: If you leave your Alliance, you’ll also lose your member slots and your active member tactics!

When you join an Alliance, you immediately gain their active tactic bonuses. You do not gain any member tactics when you join an Alliance - you’ll need to enable those on your own - but you will immediately get any of the Alliance’s active tactics.

When you leave an Alliance, you lose your active tactics - both member and Alliance - as well as any contributed prestige. Any non-contributed prestige - the prestige you see on the Alliance screen - stays with you, and you can use it when you join a new Alliance. Think carefully before you leave an Alliance for another one!


Alliance Tactics

Alliance Tactics focus on stat bonuses and speed bonuses. In the Alliance tactics you’ll find AvA, PtP, Quest, and Challenge bonuses to your attacks, defenses, and speed, as well as wound recovery stats. These tactics stack on top of your own stats, and can stack with other Alliance tactics.


The Alliance Tactics screen


For example, an Alliance could choose to be very aggressive. The Alliance could enable these four tactics:

  • +8% to AvA and PtP Attack and Defense.
  • +10% to all Intrigue AvA and PtP Attack and Defense.
  • +5% to all Intrigue attack speed.
  • +5% to all Intrigue AvA and PtP attack speed.

Clearly, this Alliance is getting ready to sabotage their enemies in AvA. Their sabotage attacks now have an 18% bonus, and are 10% faster in AvA. In fact, all of their Intrigue attacks have this bonus - letting them speedily and successfully spy their enemies as well as damage their camps.

But AvA competition isn’t all you can use your tactics for. Alliances focused on helping their members level up and successfully finish their quests and challenges can enable entirely different tactics. An Alliance interested in helping their members level might enable:

  • +10% to All Attacks on Quests and Adventures
  • +15% to All Battle Attacks on Quests and Adventures
  • +15% to All Trade Attacks on Quests and Adventures
  • +15% to All Intrigue Attacks on Quests and Adventures

This Alliance is choosing to give their members a 25% bonus to all of their Quests and Adventures. With this bonus, both new players and existing players will find Adventures easier to complete, and quests progress smoother. Maybe they will focus on Challenges and World Events next, or speed up their members Quests and Adventures.

By default, Alliance tactics can only be activated by the Alliance leader. Alliance Leaders may go into their Alliance settings to allow officers or members to activate tactics. Alliance leaders and officers can also set permissions for locking tactics, preventing Alliance members from contributing prestige to a specific tactic.


Tactics can also be deactivated through the tactics screen


Member Tactics

Member Tactics are very different from Alliance tactics. Not only do they only affect your character, they also provide very different benefits. Member tactics are where you’ll find bonuses to experience and crafting.


The Member Tactics screen


As someone who is a steady producer of items, I could enable four tactics for myself:

  • +8% faster production for all non-luck based recipes.
  • +15% faster production for all luck based recipes.
  • +8% faster production for all non-luck Battle recipes.
  • +Ability for the Smithy to produce two items in a row.

Since I like making items, and since resources aren’t an issue, I’m focusing on faster production of items. I’m also using a new tactic that lets me build two items from the smithy in a row. Yes, that’s right - we have three tactics which let you queue up an extra item in the Smithy, Market, and Embassy!


Tactic Prestige Costs

You’ll find that Alliance tactics cost significantly more than member tactics. Alliance tactics require contributions from multiple members to activate, while member tactics can be activated off of the prestige you receive at the Quartermaster, and through playing the game. This is because Alliance tactics can affect hundreds or thousands of players, while your member tactics only affect your character.

Alliance tactic cost scales based on your Alliance’s tactic tier. Member tactic cost does not scale. We recognize that Alliance tiers can be confusing, so we are adding your Alliance’s AvA tier and Tactic tier to the MoTD page, along with a brief description of what each means. NOTE: Your Alliance’s AvA tier and Tactic tier are different! Your AvA tier is based off your AvA participants, while your Tactic tier is based off of your number of members.

The Tactic Tiers are:

  • Tier 1: 1-25 members.
  • Tier 2: 26-50 members.
  • Tier 3: 51-100 members.
  • Tier 4: 101-150 members.
  • Tier 5: 151-200 members.
  • Tier 6: 201-300 members.
  • Tier 7: 301-400 members.
  • Tier 8: 401-500 members.
  • Tier 9: 501-750 members.
  • Tier 10: 750+ members.

Why add tiers to Alliance tactics? It comes down to balance. Without scaling the cost for Alliance tactics, we would need to set tactic cost at an unchanging amount. If we set that amount too high, smaller Alliances would be unable to afford tactics. If we set that amount too low, smaller Alliances would be able to afford tactics but larger Alliances would find it trivially easy to enable their tactics. By adjusting the cost based on membership, we are balancing the prestige gain of different sized Alliances with the cost of the tactics themselves.

We recognize that this puts an additional burden on Alliance leaders and officers to make certain all of their members are pulling their weight. One of the tasks we’ll look at for our polish and bugfixing work post-The Long Night is providing better tools to identify which Alliance members are active or inactive, giving our Alliances what they need to remove members not actively contributing to the Alliance.


If you made it this far, congratulations! We can't wait to share these new systems with you in The Long Night, coming October 22nd!