Announcing Timelines' Latest Feature, Campaigns!

Thank you to all the Captains who helped us test out our latest feature by participating in the Campaigns Beta. Based on feedback and our own test metrics, we’ve made a few adjustments and we’re ready to release the full feature.

Just in time for the season two finale of Star Trek: Discovery, we will begin our first full Campaign featuring Section 31 crew on Thursday April 18 at 1:00am ET (5:00 UTC). In this first full Campaign, Captains will have 28 days to unlock 100 Tiers of rewards. These rewards include the Legendary Covert Operative Leland and Super Rare Section 31 Philippa Georgiou along with newly added rewards, Legendary and Super Rare Citations!

While a Campaign is active, Captains level 4 or higher will earn Accolades for completing their Daily Missions. Earn Accolades to unlock Campaign Tiers that contain different rewards including Credits, Boosts, Chronitons, Crew, and more. Depending on a Captain’s VIP level, they can also sometimes earn double Accolades from claiming their Daily Rewards.

As a change from the Beta, we’ve increased the amount of earnable Accolades per day so that it’s possible to earn all 100 Tiers of rewards over 28 days and still allow for some buffer space. Also, every time Captains unlock 20 Tiers, they will earn a special reward: either a featured crew (for Tiers 20, 40, 60, and 80) or a Citation for the 100th Tier which you can use to further fuse any crew of that rarity.


In addition to unlocking Tiers with Accolades, It is also possible to instantly unlock Campaign Tiers by tapping on the yellow plus symbol (+) on each tier and spending Dilithium.

The Premium Reward Track for Campaigns can be unlocked for $9.99 and grants access to premium rewards including Legendary crew, a Legendary Citation, and Legendary Equipment crates. This purchase is only valid for the current Campaign and will not carry over to future Campaigns. If you decide to unlock the Premium Reward Track after already unlocking regular Tiers of rewards, you will retroactively receive all of the Premium Rewards for those Tiers.


As a reminder following the Campaigns Beta, this feature introduces a new item to the game: Campaign Equipment Crates. The common crates provide random equipment that is basic, common, uncommon, or rare while the Legendary Campaign Equipment Crates (the gold crate) provide random equipment up to the legendary rarity. As you earn more Equipment Crates by unlocking higher Tiers, you will earn multiple drops from the Crates.

We hope you enjoy the first full Campaign. As always, share your feedback with us on the forums and our social media channels.


Hit it, Captains!