Test Out the All-New Campaigns Feature!

With version 7.1.0 of STAR TREK TIMELINES, we have added an exciting new way to earn rewards including Super Rare and Legendary crew. Starting Tuesday at 3pm ET (19:00 UTC), we invite all available Captains to participate in a Beta Test of our newest feature called Campaigns!

While a Campaign is active, Captains will earn Accolades for Completing their Daily Missions. Earn Accolades to unlock Campaign Tiers that contain different rewards including Credits, Boosts, Chronitons, and Crew. Each individual Daily Mission provides Accolades when completed, but there’s also a large number of Accolades that can be earned from completing all Daily Missions each day. Captains can also earn Accolades daily by claiming their daily login reward.

Campaign Tiers.png
Accolades copy.png

In addition to unlocking Tiers with Accolades, it is also possible to instantly unlock Campaign Tiers by tapping on the yellow plus symbol (+) on each tier and spending Dilithium. In future Campaigns if you decide to unlock the Premium Reward Track after already unlocking regular Tiers of rewards, you will retroactively receive all of the Premium Rewards for those Tiers.   

Campaigns will run over a certain length of time (this duration is still being determined). This Beta run of the Campaigns feature will last for eight days, ending on Wednesday, March 27 at 3pm ET (19:00 UTC). Over the course of the Beta Campaign, the Premium Reward Track will be unlocked for all Captains. In future Campaigns, Captains will need to purchase the Premium Rewards Track in each separate Campaign to earn additional rewards. The price for the Premium Reward Track has not been finalized at this time, but it will have a real-world money cost as opposed to Dilithium.

Please note that for the purpose of properly monitoring this new feature, the start of the Beta Campaign will not be in sync with the daily reset on Tuesday (occurring daily at 5:00 AM UTC).  As such, many Captains will have already completed some or all of their Daily Missions when the Campaigns Beta begins. Future Campaigns will be scheduled to coincide with the daily reset, and the Daily Missions reset.

Campaign rewards also include a new item: Campaign Equipment Crates. The common crates provide random equipment that is basic, common, uncommon, or rare while the Legendary Campaign Equipment Crates (the gold thingie) provide random equipment up to the legendary rarity.

Enjoy the first iteration of our Campaigns feature and share your feedback with us on the forums and our social media channels.