Letter from CEO Jon Radoff

Jon Radoff promoting the launch of GoTA in 2013. (Photo courtesy of Boston Globe)

Jon Radoff promoting the launch of GoTA in 2013.
(Photo courtesy of Boston Globe)

Today, GAME OF THRONES ASCENT is coming to an end.

Six years ago, I managed to convince HBO and George R.R. Martin to let me make the first online game created for A Song of Ice and Fire. It started as a Facebook game, and grew into mobile editions. Along the way, I and the Disruptor Beam team have had the opportunity to entertain over 11 million of you. I’m grateful for those who stuck with us for six long winters.

It is a fact of the games business that individual games have their time, and it has been a great privilege to entertain you as long as I have — I had no idea it would last so long. The game business, the licensing business, and the mobile market has changed a lot since we launched. We’ve learned a lot of lessons that we will take with us into future games.

Many of you have written me about the many life-changing experiences you’ve had in GAME OF THRONES ASCENT. People have met each other, become friends, and even gotten married in real-life because this game existed. For those of you who didn’t know, I met my future wife in an online game many years ago, and it was always our aspiration to create games that provided the social environment for this to happen. I’m pleased that we succeeded.

GAME OF THRONES ASCENT was a labor of love for me. I’m going to bring that same love into future games and experiences — and I’d love you to join me in what’s next. GAME OF THRONES ASCENT was a unique experience for many of you, one that won’t be easy to capture again, but one that I intend to bring to life in new worlds and new forms.

Thank you for taking part so far, and I hope to see you again in the future.

Jon Radoff
CEO & Founder