Latest Developer's Pack Celebrates Star Trek's Women in Science

This week's Developer's Choice pack was created by none other than product owner, Admiral Prince! We’ll let the good admiral take it away:

“At the same time I was mulling over what crew I would love to see introduced to STAR TREK TIMELINES in a new developer pack, I was also signing kids up for summer camp. For many kids, summer camp evokes thoughts of swimming, outdoor activities, cookouts, and ghost stories. For one of my kids, it means science. I thought about how even as a young child, I see my daughter as a scientist. That got me thinking, ‘how do I view women of science on Star Trek?’”

First crew choice: EV Suit Seven (Classic Scientist)

“Seven often retreats to the astrometric lab, presumably to pour over more data, observations, theories, and star charts than the purely human mind can fathom. This is the classic concept of the scientist at work. Logical, methodical, curious. Who better to put on a space suit and voyage into the unknown to relish their passion for science?”

Second crew choice: Klingon Bride Jadzia: (Romantic Scientist)

“Jadzia Dax serves as the Chief Science Officer aboard DS9, and while it would be easy to throw any old Jadzia in here, I wanted to see the side of her that allows her personal journey to influence her scientific work. She has a love of life, a passion for being, a willingness to experience that drives her to learn and discover more than just the world around her. Her romanticism makes her a better scientist because of the risks it pushes her to take.”

Third crew choice: Pah-Wraith Keiko (Evil Scientist)

“I love Keiko. I love that she learns, I love that she teaches. I love that her work isn’t just work. It is a driving factor for so many aspects of her life. But really, I love that she turned evil, if only briefly. Can’t you just imagine being off on your merry business studying the Fire Caves of Bajor and BAM - there’s an evil spirit trapped inside you. All scientists should be wary of this. I mean, this is how we get super villains.”

Fourth crew choice: Lal (Child Scientist)

“The Offspring is one of my favorite hours of television ever. Lal is the scientist all children are: experimenting, failing, growing all through the day-to-day machinations adults too often forget to examine any longer. Lal is a reminder - we all begin as scientists.”

Fifth crew choice: Feezal Phlox (Joyful Scientist)

“Denobulan and Human cultures have some areas where they overlap in awkward ways. That doesn’t seem to bother Feezal, and that is part of what makes her so endearing. She likes who she is. She likes what she likes. She is looking forward to what’s next; whether it be a new discovery, a new assignment, or a new social interaction.”

Sixth crew choice: Mirror Janeway (Crusader Scientist)

“Alright, so this is a non-canon character, referenced in novels, and we usually see her as an ambitious engineer or double agent. Either way, she is fighting for a cause. While I am not advocating those causes (whether this version is rebel or KCA spy is a matter for long debate), I am convinced she is fighting for something. I believe she is furthering her cause with her scientific skills. Mirror Janeway reminds me science and technology aren’t perfect and their applications may be even beyond the imagining of their creators.”

“So this pack -- one celebrating only six of the infinite faces of women in science -- is in honor of my daughter, whatever kind of scientist she is tomorrow.”

We hope you like the latest Developer’s Choice pack. As always, let us know what you think of our new packs on the forums.

Live Long and Prosper,