Gary Seven joins STAR TREK TIMELINES in second Developer's Choice Pack

This week's Developer's Choice pack was created by one of our game designers, Steven. In our short interview with Steven, he'll share his love for The Original Series as well as many other Star Trek characters. 

1st crew choice: Gary Seven

“I have always loved the one-off episodes of Star Trek; self-contained stories that exemplify the best of the series and of science fiction in general. On that theme: I am proud to present Gary Seven. The real star of 'Assignment: Earth,' Gary is a compelling, mysterious character with enough charm and action to rival any other popular secret agent. His adventure on the show may have been brief, but the impact he left on the series is lasting.”

2nd crew choice: Gangster Spock

“When I was a kid, I was enamored with 'A Piece of the Action'. My mom’s VHS collection of TOS episodes was the coolest thing in the house and then this episode had gangsters in it too! Attracted to their fine suits and silly swagger, nothing captured my imagination more than Mr. Spock’s deadpan delivery of gangster cliches. Who knew that Vulcan's could be so humorous?”

3rd crew choice: Protomorphosis Barclay

“'Genesis' is one of the few episodes of Star Trek to really scare the hell outta me. I never liked spiders and Reginald Barclay’s horrific transformation into one still leaves me with nightmares. But, in a lot of ways, that is also why I love this episode. The range of stories Star Trek can tell is astounding and this little slice of horror was perfect.”

4th crew choice: Reinforcements Stamets

“The core of Star Trek is the characters. To me, the stories told and genres explored are all just vehicles for the characters that inhabit these worlds. So it was with great pleasure that I watched Paul Stamets evolve from a cold and calculating scientist into the real emotional core of Discovery’s first season. His life, his love, his work, his unique view of the universe really brought it all together. ”

5th crew choice: The President of Earth

Voyager is my favorite Star Trek series and 'Bride of Chaotica' might just be my favorite episode. Although EMH did not have a large role in this episode, he is certainly my favorite character from the series. With his inclusion, I want to appreciate how Star Trek pays homage to sci-fi’s pulpy camp roots while still striving to present a bright and exciting future.”

6th crew choice: Dr. Hippocrates Noah

“Coming back to Gary Seven’s lasting impact, he would not be the only secret agent to star in a Star Trek episode. 'Our Man Bashir' was a fun romp through the holodeck for Deep Space Nine allowing the show to break from the drama of space politics for a little while. However, much like 'Assignment Earth,' it also warned viewers of the dangers the human race can present to itself. The diabolical Dr. Hippocrates Noah, for example, wants to wipe the world clean only so it can start again and be better."

We hope you like the latest Developer’s Choice pack. As always, let us know what you think of our new packs on the forums and via in-game tickets. 

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