Introducing the Developer's Choice Pack!

We’re excited to let you know about a new type of pack we’re trying out in the Time Portal: a Developer’s Choice pack. This week, the pack's contents were chosen by one of our game designers, Ryan. In our short interview with Ryan, you’ll learn that his knowledge and love of Star Trek spans many series. You’ll also learn that he is a card-carrying member of The Wesley Crusher Fan Club. 

1st crew choice: Rain Robinson

“‘Future's End’ is easily one of my favorite Voyager episodes and that is in no small part thanks to the excellent actors they brought in for the two-part saga. Among those actors was Sarah Silverman in one of her earliest roles as the brilliant and funny Rain Robinson, a young and ambitious SETI Astronomer in 90's-era Los Angeles. Rain is an incredibly fun character and served as an excellent companion to Tuvok and Paris on their time-traveling adventure to prevent the destruction of Earth.”

2nd crew choice: Cadet Sylvia Tilly

“Star Trek: Discovery has been very exciting to me as a fan of characters in Star Trek. The show’s crew became a part of the family almost immediately and rising above this wonderful group of new heroes is a young engineering cadet that you can't help but want to be best friends with. Tilly's passion, ambition, talent, and emotional maturity are outmatched only by her compassion for the brothers-and-sisters-in-arms she serves alongside. Tilly will be a captain one day, and it will be glorious.”

3rd crew choice: Mirror Kirk

“Kirk is my favorite captain, always has been. There is something about that era of Starfleet that made Kirk the perfect person for the job. He embodied the ideals of Starfleet while not letting them overwhelm him. Kirk was first and foremost an explorer, and that's what he did best. I am also a huge fan of the Mirror Universe and this Kirk represents the first time we were introduced to it.”

4th crew choice: Formal Dress Wesley Crusher

“Wesley is easily one of the best characters on Star Trek and I will never understand the hate he gets, I think it's just jealousy. As a child, he made his way to being a Starfleet ensign working the helm on probably the most important and iconic starship in the history of Starfleet. He showed great ability and prowess as he rescued adult crewmembers from certain doom time and time again. He was even recognized by the Traveler, easily one of the most powerful and intelligent beings we've met save for the Q, as a brilliant and special person who will achieve great things.”

5th crew choice: Gabriel Bell 

“If it hasn't become clear yet, I am a big fan of the alternate reality/timeline episodes of Star Trek and ‘Past Tense’ was no exception. In this two-part episode, Sisko gets stuck in the past where his actions accidentally result in the premature death of one of Earth's most important heroes of the 21st century, Gabriel Bell, and he must then pose as Bell in order to ensure the storied "Bell Riots" take place, protecting the future he hopes to return to. The story is awesome and Avery Brooks is at the top of his game with his performance of Sisko/Bell in these episodes.”

6th crew choice: Captain Q

“Q, I think, is pretty self-explanatory. He's one of the most loveable and quintessentially chaotic characters of the Star Trek Universe who loves pushing our Captains' buttons and pushing them to be better than themselves. Q isn't good or bad, he's just Q, and we love him for it.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into one of our developer’s love for all things Star Trek, and we hope you like the new Developer’s Choice pack. As always, let us know what you think of our new packs on the forums and via in-game tickets. 

Live Long and Prosper,