Introducing Daily Adventures & Daily Tokens

Coming later this year, we will be proud to offer all players level 5 and above an innovative way to enjoy Game of Thrones Ascent: Daily Adventures. Every day, you will be granted 5 Daily Adventure Tokens that you can use to access exclusive new Adventures. By winning these Adventures, you will be able to gain a variety of rewards, from craftable resources to Sworn Sword/Character XP, silver, and higher-tier crafting items.

How It Works

Every day at midnight UTC, you will automatically receive 5 Daily Adventure Tokens (this amount may change in future). These tokens will unlock one of the exclusive Daily Adventures through a dedicated menu screen. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 9.00.55 PM.png

In our initial rollout, winning Daily Adventures will gain you new resources which you can combine to produce new items. These items, in turn, can be combined to produce specialized Battle, Trade, or Intrigue Mark of R'hllor seals. Players who gather all three types of seals will be able to combine them to produce a new, powerful Mark of R'hllor seal.

The resources, craftable items, and seals for the initial release of Daily Adventures looks like this:

Empowered Mark of Rhllor (1).png

For more details, please visit our Daily Adventure FAQ thread in the forum.
We hope you will enjoy this new feature and look forward to your feedback moving forward. Enjoy!