Announcing the Conqueror AvA Phase

Prepare yourselves, Bannermen! The Conqueror AvA Phase is now set to start Friday, April 27th at 11:00am ET (15:00 UTC) and running until Tuesday, May 1st  at 11:00 ET (15:00 UTC).

Regional Titles

These 1st and 2nd Rank Regional Titles will be available to be earned in the phase. NOTE: The titles for Riverlands and Dorne were updated on April 25th, as the proposed titles had previously been used in the Eel Shock phase back in April 2014.

Conqueror Phase NEW Titles (April 25).png

Superlative Titles

This phase will continue with the changed “per participant” Superlative requirements that we introduced in the Spy Phase. In addition to a minimum of 5 participant Superlatives, we will also have 25 and 50 minimum participant Superlatives. Each phase will include a new mix of all three types, along with the “per alliance” Superlatives. This change is intended to improve the opportunities for medium-sized Alliances to win Superlative Titles.

Please note, ”per participant” refers to all alliance members participating in this AvA across all regions, not just those members active in the region with the “per participant” Superlative. To earn “per participant” Superlatives, an Alliance must have the minimum number of participants required for that superlative.

The following Superlative Titles are up for grabs during the Conqueror Phase:

Conqueror Superlatives (April 26).png

Keep in mind the usual requirements for winning Superlatives:

  • The 1st and 2nd place Alliances in any region are not eligible for that region’s Superlative Title, though they can win Superlative Titles in other regions or the All Westeros Superlative Title.

  • The winner of the All Westeros Superlative Title, meanwhile, is ineligible to win Regional Superlative Titles.

Daily results will be posted for Superlatives in the forum, with final Superlatives and Regional Title results along with the post-phase analysis published together on Friday, May 4th.

We wish all players, and their Alliances, the best of luck in this phase!