Spy AvA Phase Analysis

I am the master of whisperers. My role is to be sly, obsequious, and without scruples.

-Lord Varys

A little bird tells us that it’s time to take a look back at the Spy AvA Phase, to announce the title winners, and review some of the numbers behind the phase.

First, here are the 1st and 2nd Rank Regional winners for the phase.

Next, here are the top Superlative title winners and the Domination Superlative title winner.

Spy Domination Winner.png

A Closer Look at Regional Wins

Over the course of this phase, the regional breakdown of results for the top 20 Alliances included several battles we thought was worth taking a closer look at.


Dorne was interesting because of its race for the second-rank title. While Magister Mortalis held the second position for much of the phase, it was Raiders Of The Narrow Sea who took the rank by passing Magister on the final day. A lot can change in 24 hours during an AvA phase.


Perhaps it was their incredibly close second-rank battle with Kings of Winter in Stormlands that kept Magister Mortalis from reaching a Dorne title.


Unfortunately, they came a very close second in Stormlands as well, despite an impressive effort. We don’t doubt we’ll see titles next to their names in a phase coming soon.

In the Westerlands, meanwhile, it was the battle for the first-rank title that was excitingly close. Shenanigans and The Last Dragon Riders matched VP day over day. In the end, both Alliances walked away with a title, but The Last Dragon Riders ranked first.

Spying On Superlatives

Being the Spy Phase, we thought it would make sense to look at whispering a bit more closely. As you know, the Superlative in Stormlands was “Cunning Spy”, for the greatest number of Spy Points, a superlative title that went to Hightower for Stark.

Our data maesters, however, wondered who ranked highest for Spy Points across all of Westeros. To that end, we are pleased to announce that our greatest Spy Phase Alliance whisperers were Winter is Coming Alliance, who managed to surpass the 120K Spy Point level.

But which Alliances would rank highest for Spy Points on a “per participant” basis, we wondered. As the following graph shows, Somersault more than handily scored above all others.


Finally, our data maesters wondered which Alliances boasted the individual members with the greatest spying prowess. Here is a graph of the Alliances with the highest ranking spies in terms of earned Spy Points.

Our heartiest compliments go to the (appropriately) unnamed spies of Somersault (again!), House of Rebirth, and SlobodneTeritorijeFreeTerritories. You would have made Varys proud!

Well done to all the Alliances and participants who took part in the Spy Phase. We will be announcing the titles for the April 27th Conqueror phase next week.