Noble AvA Phase Analysis

Time to have a look at the stats from the Noble AvA phase. We will start with presenting the VP of the top twenty ranked Alliances and showing where they placed in each region.

We want to point out Stormlands, as it was the scene of a daily and honorable fight for the 2nd rank position: In the end, In Memoriam Dan Bloom and Jim Walling (AKA The Dread Fuzzy Bunnies) topped Bloodravens to take the title.

In the top Harmful and Helpful actions, we witnessed a near-record level of harmful actions between The Last Dragon Riders and The Blood of the First Men.

These results were no doubt part of these two alliances’ nail-biting battle for first place in the Crownlands. It was a contest so close that, when graphed, their daily VP growth almost appears as a single line.

Out of curiosity, our data maesters created a daily graph of the harmful actions between The Last Dragon Riders and The Blood of the First Men. This is the first time we’ve looked at this stat in this way.

In Helpful Actions, meanwhile, the numbers seemed to be lower than usual this phase. We will do our best not to read too much into that.

We were intrigued by the superlative in Riverlands, where Sand Snakes of Sun Spear took the Emboldened Noble Title. With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to see the daily actions of the top ranked Alliances across all of Westeros.

No one is surprised to see that this ranking includes the biggest names in AvA -- even if the order of the these names might spark some fun competition. We wondered, however, how this graph might look if it were “Per Participant”.

Clearly, Lady Lila, Aids Landing, and The Night’s Watch are able to hit above their weight when it comes to delivering actions. As such, they deserve a respectful tip of the helm for their impressive dedication!

Congratulations and well done to all Alliances who participated in the Noble Phase. The Spy Phase is just around the corner, and its titles will be announced shortly. Additionally, in an effort to reward the efforts of a wider range of Alliance sizes, we will be detailing some changes to the “Per Participant” type of Superlatives.