Noble AvA Phase Results

Basking in wealth or not, the nobles have returned to their castles, leaving us to sift through the battlefields for results. So, without further ado, here they are!

Regional Titles


After reviewing the Noble AvA data and Alliance membership lists, we have found it necessary to disqualify an Alliance from winning Superlative Titles. This Alliance included multiple accounts controlled by the same individual player. As we have stated before, the use of multiple accounts for the purpose of winning titles is a breach of our Terms of Service. Specifically, we do not allow players to “...create multiple accounts to artificially increase the ratings or scores…”. While we dislike having to take this step again, we feel it necessary to help maintain fairness in the game.

The daily results for Westerlands Superlative, therefore, has been updated as:


And the final Superlative Title winners for the Noble Phase are as follows (please keep in mind that regional title winners are excluded from winning Superlatives in the regions they have won):

Noble Revised Sup Results.png


Finally, the winner of the Domination Superlative is The Last Dragon Riders!

Noble Phase Domination.png

Congratulations to all participating players and alliances. Next week, we will share our usual insights with you in our post-ava analysis blog. Until then, stay noble!