Watch out, Maggie is coming to March To War!

Make room in your Council Chambers, Survivors. Maggie, the newest Council Member, is coming to THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR! 

Comic Covers for Maggie will be available for the first time during this week’s Ultra-Swarm: Go Big or Go Home as well as in the regular event, FIGHT THE DEAD. Gather the Covers now so you can unlock her when she becomes available in an upcoming client release.

Let’s take a closer look at what Maggie will bring to the table as a Council Member.



A rare Council Member who improves in all four stats. Specializes at offense in late game.

Maximum Stats
Power: 135,750
Leadership: 1,530
Load: 111,000
Gather Speed: 86,130 r/h
March Speed: 7.2 km/h

Maggie’s Talents
1) Tough Decisions - Increase attack of all survivors led by Maggie by 12%.
2) Remembering Glenn - Increase avoidance of all survivors led by Maggie by 12%.
3) Mother - Increase defense of all survivors led by Maggie by 18%.
4) One Eye Open - Increase accuracy of all survivors led by Maggie by 18%.
5) No Hesitation - Increase Maggie's march speed by 28% to and from other players' bases.
6) Take Charge - Increase Maggie's leadership by 20% when attacking and defending at players' bases.

It’s up to you to choose the best leader from your roster of Council Members for each type of mission. This new Council Member has a mix of different strengths, but in the right situation she could make all the difference on your raids. 

We hope you enjoy Maggie as well as other improvements coming to March To War in v1.3.4.