XP in AvA


Pilot-tested in Oracle, we are now ready to roll out XP as a standard feature of AvA. As you might recall, we needed to adjust our implementation of AvA-XP so as not to cause an overburden on our systems. We are happy to announce that this update is now complete and, as of Fugitive, every wave of actions you take during an AvA phase, whether Battle, Trade or Intrigue, win or lose, will be awarded XP as per the following formula:

XP Earned per AvA Action = XP MAX CAP / 34 / Player’s Max GP * SS in Wave)

Player’s Max GP refers to the amount of Garrison Points you have, which is dependent on your level. So, as you might guess, the amount of XP per AvA wave will vary based on their character level and the number of actions in the wave. Lower level AvA participants will gain relatively more XP than participants who are at high levels. The “XP Max Cap” is a cap that will limit the maximum amount of XP you can earn per AvA phase. It will be set initially at 100,000, but evaluated and changed as needed to maintain balance and fairness. 

To give you an example of how AvA XP affects leveling, a player at level 10 would be able to earn a maximum of 33 additional levels in an AvA phase, while a player at level 500 could gain a maximum of 13 levels per each phase.

Please note, in an effort to reduce potential server load, your XP earned from actions is no longer displayed on the View Results screen as it was in Oracle. It is now available through the Battle Log instead.

We look forward to any feedback you have about this update and will make changes to it in later phases, as needed.

Good luck to everyone in the Fugitive Phase. We trust you will enjoy the experience!

5 & 5 ½ Year Loyalty Rewards

We are pleased to announce 5 and 5 ½ year Loyalty Rewards! These rewards are granted to the longest-lived of Bannermen, whose fealty and dedication to their realm cannot go unnoticed.

5-Year Bannermen will receive the following rewards:
25 Gold
Maesters Book of Higher Mysteries
Seal of Allegiance
Title of “Maester”

5 ½ Year Bannermen will receive the following additional rewards:

100,000 Silver
25 Gold
Seal of Allegiance

And, since we knew you would ask, here are the Seal of Allegiance and Maester’s Book of Higher Mysteries for your review:

Congratulations and a tip of our helm to all loyalty reward earners!