GoTA By The Numbers

Greetings, Bannermen!

After years of battle, politicking, scheming, and conquering, your epic journey through Westeros is coming to an end. To commemorate those efforts, our industrious Data Maester has painstakingly compiled some key measures of your activities over the lifetime of GAME OF THRONES ASCENT.

To begin, let us celebrate the camaraderie and performance of Alliances and AvA competition:

  • More than 67,000 different Alliances were formed.

  • Over 75,000 Bannermen participated in AvA over the course of 56 AvA phases.

  • Eighty-four different Alliances participated in every single one of those phases.

  • The longest running Alliance, What is Dead May Never Die Harder, has been in existence for 2,083 days — nearly six years!

  • At 2,080 days, Amelia Silverline holds the record for longest membership in a single Alliance.

  • Since AvA phases began, Bannermen have earned nearly 5 billion experience points through participating in AvA.

Next, we would like to honor all the work Bannermen put into acquiring resources and expanding their holdings:

  • A staggering 1,300,000,000,000 silver pieces (1.3 trillion!) were spent.

  • Bannermen acquired a total of 21,325,558 Sworn Swords, with 186,474 Sworn Swords (just 0.87% of the total) reaching the maximum level of 127.

  • You initiated more than 280,000,000 building upgrades.

  • There were 72,452 marriages or weddings — it’s unknown how many were “red”.

  • Nearly 500,000 reincarnations occurred.

  • A total of 66,945 Dragon Eggs were hatched, and 47,926 Dragons owned or evolved.

While our Data Maester has ensured that history will remember your collective efforts, the following individuals stood out to us as ones who deserved recognition for their unique accomplishments:

  • Most Reincarnations: Lenn Thorne

  • Most Colossal Dragons: Violet Fleur du Mal, Mnemosyne Salander, Violetta Silvertree, and Dorian Stromgarde

  • Most Epic Items Crafted: Annara Weaver crafted dozens of items such as Lightbringer, Red Sword of Heroes; Serwyn’s Mirror Shield; and Visenya’s Chainmail with their Sworn Sword, Annara Weaver

We are humbled and honored that so many of you joined us in Westeros to ascend through the ranks and live through bold adventures. We hope you have enjoyed this look behind the curtain of GAME OF THRONES ASCENT, and that it helps to illustrate our awe and amazement at having such dedicated and loving fans.

Winter has come, but your love for GoTA is the fire that warms us against the cold. Thank you!