Survivalist Kirk Joins Timelines in the Latest Developer's Choice Pack!

This week's Developer's Choice pack was created by one of our game designers, Tyler. In our short interview with him, Tyler shares how he was introduced to Star Trek and came to enjoy characters from across the different series.

1st crew choice: Survivalist Kirk

“My dad introduced me to Star Trek when I was a kid, and he started me off with The Original Series. I loved sharing those space adventures with him, and ‘Arena’ always stuck in my mind as the episode that sold me on the series. Watching Kirk limp around that alien planet, assemble an insanely improvised weapon, and ultimately defeat a far stronger opponent through ingenuity and a never-say-die attitude.... What’s not to love? Seeing this crew I designed coming into the game was a pretty special moment for me.”

2nd crew choice: Vengeful L’Rell

Star Trek: Discovery was the first Trek show in which I got to see the premiere. It was an incredible experience for me as I had been engrossed in the universe for years and had been working at Disruptor Beam for about five months. Seeing new canon and characters come to life was so enthralling, and L’Rell stuck out to me as an especially interesting character. Though she started out as being more reserved, she quickly showed she could play politics, fight like a Klingon, and wound up on her way to leading the Empire. I can’t wait to see what happens with L’Rell in season 2!”

3rd crew choice: Portal 63

“Though I started off watching TOS, my favorite series and the first one I watched in its entirety was The Next Generation. While ‘The Last Outpost’ in retrospect was kind of a weird episode, especially with the electro-whip Ferengi, I enjoyed the space wizard/artificial being that was Portal 63, the guardian of the T’Kon Empire. Episodes and characters like these made me really feel that sense of wondrous magic that is uniquely Star Trek.

4th crew choice: Marshal of France Q

“Q is incredible. He’s one of my favorite antagonists to appear in Star Trek, bar none. His tests for Picard and temptations proffered to Riker were wonderfully wicked and hit just the right level of fun and sadistic. I loved his theatrics, especially when he took on historical guises as he did when he morphed into a marshal of France. I’m still hoping John de Lancie returns to the role and gives the world more Q.”

5th crew choice: Disguised Tuvok

“Before I saw my first episode of Voyager, I played the PS2 game, ‘Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force.’ The dry critiques and dialogue with Tuvok in that game sold me on Tuvok immediately. After finally seeing Voyager on TV, I gained a deeper appreciation for him as a master of self-control and as someone who is hilarious to watch go undercover. Both parts of ‘Future’s End’ were fantastic, and Tuvok’s undercover persona was one of the best parts of those episodes.”

6th crew choice: Lal

“Data was a great character for introducing discussions on artificial life. When he created his own daughter, Lal, I found her story and ultimate demise to be fascinating and heart wrenching. Even though the episode was somewhat slow and meandering at points, Lal stuck in my mind, and I further found myself sympathizing with Data’s isolation as one of only a handful of Soong-type androids in the universe."

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