GoTA Exclusive Offer: From Westeros to the Alpha Quadrant!

Thank you for playing GAME OF THRONES ASCENT! While your journey as a Bannerman must soon end, we invite you to continue your adventures as a Disruptor Beam player by becoming a Starfleet Captain in STAR TREK TIMELINES.

To make that transition easier, and to reward you for your loyalty, we’ve prepared an exclusive, limited-time offer for GoTA players in STAR TREK TIMELINES.

This offer includes:

  • The all-new Legendary crew member, Prince Bashir. Leaving your Sworn Swords behind will be bittersweet, but GoTA players can get a jump start on building a new stable of loyal crew with Prince Bashir, portrayed by Game of Thrones and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actor, Alexander Siddig. “Legendary” is the most valuable type of crew member in STAR TREK TIMELINES, and can be further upgraded via items, leveling, and fusion with duplicates to increase rarity.

  • One month-long Dilithium card. This in-game card allow players to claim 100 Dilithium (STT's premium currency, equivalent to GoTA’s Gold) each day for up to 30 consecutive days amounting to 3,000 Dilithium, a roughly US$30 value! (New monthly cards can be purchased US$3.99)

  • Based on your purchase history in GoTA, your STT account will receive credit in the Timelines VIP program. The VIP program in Timelines provides players with bonuses on in-game purchases, extra crew slots, increased tickets for Arena and Cadet Challenges, and more daily opportunities to replicate items used to improve crew members.

  • Loyalty Bundles. These unique bundles can be found in the Time Portal (STT’s in-game store) after completing the game’s tutorial. They will include varying amounts of currencies including Dilithium, Credits, and Honor as well as Premium Packs. Premium Packs allow you to acquire new crew and ships that will help you face the challenges of the Final Frontier.

To redeem this limited-time offer, visit the following page and fill out the form:

Note: Rewards may take up to 48 hours after form submission to appear in your account. Each GoTA account can only be connected to one STT account, and each STT account can only be connected to one GoTA account. This offer expires at 11:59:59pm ET on December 31, 2018.