Honor and Celebrate the Conclusion of GAMES OF THRONES ASCENT

Greetings, Bannermen,

Our epic adventure is almost at an end. With HBO’s Game of Thrones heading towards its thrilling finale in 2019, so too will the story of your house. GAME OF THRONES ASCENT will be shutting down on January 3, 2019.

While such occasions are bittersweet, we plan to celebrate the game and thank our loyal players in a big way before our watch ends:

  • The current volume, Enduring Legacy, will be released in full before shut down, including a special epilogue chapter on December 12, 2018.

  • Various bonuses, boosts, and other rewards will also be given -- keep an eye out for more updates!

This exciting season of finale events starts October 10, 2018, and continues until shut down. You can continue to make in-app purchases through November 29, 2018.

For almost six years, you have explored, schemed, battled, and ruled over Westeros with us, and what an epic journey it has been. We are humbled and honored that so many of you believed in us and, by playing GoTA, helped Disruptor Beam start its own ascent as a company. Thank you!