Phlox Bares All in the Latest Developer's Choice Pack!

This week's Developer's Choice pack was created by Carmen, one of our veteran game designers. Though Carmen enjoys many Star Trek series, he is most widely known as a fan of Star Trek: Enterprise! And that explains why the newest crew member to join STAR TREK TIMELINES is…

First crew choice: Phlox, Au Naturel

“Phlox, Au Naturel has been a crew I’ve been trying to get into the Timelines for a while now, and I was finally able to get him in here with the Developer Packs! If you haven’t watched ‘Doctor’s Orders’, I highly recommend it. This episode has suspense, mystery, and most importantly a Denobulan taking some extra liberties with the uniform protocols in the Captain’s absence.”

Second crew choice: Mirror Inquisitor Troi

“Inquisitor Troi is by far my favorite of the Trois. What is the point of having empathic abilities if you never use them to your advantage? I am super excited to read more of the Mirror Broken comic series and see her character arc. I want to see Captain Inquisitor Troi, please”

Third crew choice: Captain Lorian

“Lorian isn’t the captain the Enterprise wanted, he was the captain it got! Born in an alternate timeline version of the Enterprise NX-01, never having ever even visited Earth, he dedicated his entire existence to completing the mission of preventing the Xindi from attacking earth. Though he failed miserably and allowed the initial attack to occur, he sacrificed his existence to help Captain Archer complete his mission to destroy the Xindi weapon.”

Fourth crew choice: Command Hologram

“‘Don’t let your dreams be dreams.’ EMH has such great character development throughout Voyager that you can’t help but like him, even though he can be a bit abrasive at times. With some clever thinking and a bit of confidence, the EMH was able to bluff his enemy into retreating by threatening to use the completely made up ‘photonic cannon’ that was able to destroy a Borg Sphere with ease.”

Fifth crew choice: Gorn Captain

“The Gorn Captain, stressed, fighting an unknown species on an unknown world, yet still he has the disciple to not respond to Kirk’s random babbling over the communications device they were handed at the start of the bout. It would be interesting to see this race take a on a larger role in the Star Trek universe, I’m not sure the galaxy needs more of those Gorn.”

Sixth crew choice: Time Loop Mudd

“Have you ever tripped in front of a group of people and wished you could go back and do it again sans the falling on your face? Well Time Loop Mudd has just the device for you. The way he uses it to (spoilers) kill Lorca over and over and over again. It was so perfect, I loved it! Super excited to see more of Mudd in Star Trek: Discovery.”

We hope you like the latest Developer’s Choice pack. As always, let us know what you think of our new packs on the forums.

Live Long and Prosper,