New for AvA: Who’s Garrisoned Officer Tool

Just in time for the Prisoner phase, we are pleased to announce something new for AvA: The “Who’s Garrisoned” Officer Tool. 

This feature, currently available through web, is accessible only by Alliance Officers and Leaders through the garrison menu. 


Once opened, this tool allows Officers and Leaders to know when any of their members’  garrisoned SS are no longer active. Idle SS are indicated as “Time Since Active” (starts counting up once no SS are active). 

The purpose of this tool is to provide Officers and Leaders with the information they need, at the camp level, to make the best tactical and strategic decisions for their Alliance.

Key Points

  • This feature is automatically available to all Officers and Leaders (it is not “assigned”, though we are looking at that as a future iteration).
  • The “Time Since Active” information is counted from the last batch of actions (e.g., if a Player sends a batch of actions, it displays the time since their last-sent SS has returned).
  • Players will not be listed in the Garrison screen if they haven’t garrisoned any SS within that specific garrison (i.e., contributions and un-garrisoning will not appear in the list). 
  • The list is “camp specific”, so Alliance SS garrisoned in other camps, even within the same Region, will only be counted in the list for that camp. 
  • "Defending" includes both idle SS and SS explicitly assigned as Defenders.
  • For longer lists, this feature uses the default browser scrollbar.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about this new feature. Please provide any suggestions or other input through the Issues & Feedback forum thread for the Prisoner Phase.

Finally, we want to provide an update on our rollout of XP in AvA. AvA-XP was included in the experimental Oracle Phase, and based on that phase we chose to not implement it in regular AvA phases until we were assured it would not add undue risk to game performance. We are now testing a new XP solution which we hope to include in the next AvA phase, Fugitive, on February 23rd. We will keep you updated on our progress.