v1.3.2 Server and Client Release Notes

Hey there, Survivor,

We’re updating our servers to a new version of the game, v1.3.2. 

Here are the additions and changes in this update:

  • Added two additional brackets for Players ranking between 201-500 and 501-5000 on Event leaderboards.
  • Updated event threshold rewards to add more bullets and remove some Comic Covers.
  • Increased the chances of a Swarm spawning on the Map. This change will result in a greater total number of Swarms.
  • The price of Raid Accelerators in the Community Store has increased to balance the increased availability of badges through Swarms. 
  • Triage kit purchases from the Community Store may now only be purchased once-per-day. 
  • We have reduced the difficulty of several Council Story Chapters for Jesus, Hershel, Rosita, and Ezekiel.
  • Daily Objectives have been changed: 
    • Modified rewards so that Comic Covers will be earned during each step of the Daily Objectives.
    • Increased the variety of objective types for Daily Objectives.
    • Removed PvP objectives from all Daily Objectives except for Negan’s objectives. 
    • Added new objective types for Walker Swarms and Resource Theft.
    • Replaced most Survivor Training objectives with other objective types.
  • Improved localization support for German, French, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.
  • Fixed a number of bugs including some chat-related issues.

As of February 2nd, 2018, we've released the v1.3.2 Client across app stores. 

Here are the additions and changes in this update:

  • Added additional language localization
  • MARCH TO WAR now supports iPhone X!

We hope these changes will help all Survivors face the challenges ahead. 

Please continue to send us your feedback! You can reach us directly at http://bit.ly/MTWHelp.

Stay alive out there,