Traitor AvA Results (Part II)

First off, Happy New Year to all of you! We wish every Bannerman the best for the coming year! 

Superlative Results

As promised, we are now ready to announce the Final Superlative results for the Traitor Phase.

After reviewing the Traitor AvA data and Alliance membership lists, we have found it necessary to disqualify some Alliances from winning Superlative Titles. These Alliances were controlled by the same individual Player (as Leader or Officer) for the apparent purpose of winning these titles, as evidenced by the interactions among these Alliances. Such gameplay is a breach of our Terms of Service; specifically, to “...create multiple accounts to artificially increase the ratings or scores; or to engage in any form of ‘sock puppetry,’ …”. While we dislike having to take this step, we feel it necessary to help maintain fairness in the game.

Here, therefore, are the final Superlative Title winners for the Traitor Phase:


The Domination Superlative winner, meanwhile goes to The Blood of the First Men.


Don’t forget, the first and second place Alliances in any region are not eligible for that region’s Superlative Title, though they can win Superlative Titles in other regions or the All Westeros Superlative Title. The winner of the All Westeros Superlative Title, meanwhile, is ineligible to win Regional Superlative Titles. Finally, “per participant” is calculated using the number of Alliance participants for that phase across all of Westeros, not just in the “per participant”  region.

Region by Region VP Heatmap

The following table shows the relative Victory Points earned by the top-ranked Alliances in the Traitor Phase.    

Some Players have asked why some Alliances appear in the rank (down the side of the table) even though they haven’t won in any of the Regions. The answer is that the total amount of VP earned by these Alliances across all the regions puts them in the top 20 earners, even though they didn’t top out in the Regions themselves. Halfmans Horde, for example, in 6th position earned an impressive 87.5 Million VP overall. Dontos for the Iron Throne earned a respectable 76.1 Million VP.

Regional VP Growth

We thought you might be interested in seeing the separate daily Victory Point growth for every region this phase. The following graphs, when compared with one another per day, appear to tell some interesting stories. Our data maesters were particularly intrigued by Shennanigans’ relative progress region by region (see Iron Islands vs Stormlands at the end of the first day), though the same can be said for other Alliances too. In several places, you can almost see strategies and tactics unfold in the lines.

north (3).png
westerlands (1).png
Crownlands (2).png
Stormlands (3).png
Dorne (1).png
Reach (2).png
Vale (3).png

Harmful & Helpful Actions

Finally, here are the Harmful & Helpful Actions from the Traitor Phase. Our only observation is that it appears that the Superlatives are impacting game choices more and more. For the next AvA, it might be interesting to see Helpful and Harmful Actions by Region and by Day. Think of the story that would tell!

harmful_actions (3).png