Prisoner AvA Phase Starts Next Week

Jon Snow: Am I your prisoner?
Daenerys Targaryen: Not yet.

Prisoner, the next AvA Phase, will begin Friday, February 2nd at 11am ET (16:00 UTC) and will run until Tuesday, February 6th, at 11am ET (16:00 UTC).

These 1st and 2nd Rank Regional Titles are available this phase to be won:

Here are the Superlative Titles on offer this phase:

Prisoner Superlatives.png

Please keep in mind the usual requirements for winning Superlatives:

  • The first and second place Alliances in any region are not eligible for that region’s Superlative Title, though they can win Superlative Titles in other regions or the All Westeros Superlative Title.
  • The winner of the All Westeros Superlative Title, meanwhile, is ineligible to win Regional Superlative Titles.

As a reminder, ”per participant” refers to all alliance members participating in this AvA across all regions, not just those members active in the region with the “per participant” Superlative.

Daily results will be posted for Superlatives in the forum, with Final Superlative and Regional winners announced no later than Friday, February 8th. Rewards will also go out on that date.