Whisperer AvA Phase Results (Part II)

Greetings Bannermen,

Now that the Spiders have returned and all the little birds are sleeping snugly in their nests, the time has come to look back on the Whisperer phase with a little more scrutiny. 

Regional VP Growth

Whisperer was a phase of contrasts--at least as far as VP earnings were concerned. In a few Regions, Alliances were able to dominate their adversaries and run away with the title. Such was the case for Harambe’s Revenge in Westerlands, and even more so for The Dark Council in The Vale.

But in other Regions, fierce battles appeared to rage from the first minute of the phase to the last click of the clock. In Riverlands, for example, Shenanigans and Ghosts of Wynterfell fought neck and neck in their VP growths (sorry, GoW, you’ll get them next time!).

Meanwhile, Dorne saw a rare three-way battle in which Baratheon’s Bastards struggled with, and finally topped out over, Swords of Starfall and Straight Outta East’watch.

Helpful and Hurtful Actions

As is to be expected, Helpful and Harmful Actions line up with the regional results, with the likes of Kong’s Landing and The Last Dragon Riders hitting one another hard (in the North), and Shenanigans and Ghosts of Wynterfell traded punches (in Riverlands, as we have seen). 

As far as Helpful Actions are concerned, it was The Last Dragon Riders and Kong’s Landing who really stood out.  


These results, we believe, likely came out of Dragon’s and Kong’s respective efforts in Crownlands. 

Sworn Sword Activity 

We’re happy to report that our Data Maester got curious again! This time he was interested in seeing how the levels of actual SS sent compared across Alliances and regions. He wondered if we might be able to get a glimpse into your strategies and tactics just by looking at the graphs. You can decide for yourself, but we think the answer is a definite yes.

Check out Dorne, for example, where there is a clear difference between those Alliances who attacked in “waves”, such Dragons La Quinzieme Flame, and those who sent SS at a more consistently level, like STARK WOLVES.  

Add to that, the inter-regional strategies on display in these graphs. Such as, funneling resources into several regions until focusing on one. Or focusing on different regions in sequence. Kong’s Landing, for example, appear on the last day to have shifted SS from Crownlands to Riverlands, where their number of attacks shot up dramatically.


Whereas, staying in Riverlands, Shenanigans and Ghost of Wynterfell--locked in mortal struggle--turned the dial to “11” on day one and kept it there.

All in all, these graphs really underscore what we’ve been told by Players for years: 1. There are more than a couple ways to play AvA; and 2. Alliance coordination and marshalling forces remains the most successful, and fun, strategy. So, congratulations to all those marshalled forces out there. We look forward to seeing you at the next phase, “Prisoner”, set to start on Friday, February 2nd.