Shop and Offer News

Hello Bannermen,

In the last couple of weeks, several changes have taken place in Daily Offers and the Shop, with more planned changes on their way. So, we thought we would take the opportunity to highlight some of these updates, and answer a few questions players have had about them.


Season 7 New Item Packs

No doubt you have noticed the new Season 7 items we have introduced through our Daily Offers. The items released so far have included Mountain’s Armor and Helm, Sam’s Quill, and a Tyrion’s Hand Pin.


Over the coming days, many more Season 7 items will be released, including Arya’s Steed, a Citadel Chamber Pot, and a Seal of Dragons. So keep your eyes on Daily Offers. And if you miss an item, fear not; they will be offered again soon.



Season 6 Items in the Shop


You might have also noticed that Season 6 Items, such as Ramsay's War Leathers and Jaqen's Skinning Knife, appearing in the regular sections of the Shop. These items will appear in turns moving forward, with all items eventually made available.


Unintentionally Fewer Silver Items

A number of Bannermen have noticed fewer—nod to Stannis there—Silver Items appearing in the Shop now that Season 6 items are available in the regular sections. Please, rest assured that this was not intentional, but a result of the way items automatically populate our virtual shelves.

As our objective is to increase choice, not decrease it, we are currently looking to solve this issue as quickly as possible. For example, we might increase the number of pages per section. In any case, we, intend to have a fix out soon and will let you know in the build notes when we have done so.


Quartermaster to Offer Dragonblood

We are happy to announce that in addition to being offered as a AvA and Tales Reward, Dragonblood will be available from the Quartermaster following the next scheduled build. Dragonblood, of course, is a key element in several stages of the Colossal chain.



Blood Gems Available Through Daily Offers

Coming soon, Blood Gems will start to appear in select Daily Offers, making them even more available to dragon crafters. As you recall, Blood Gems provide significantly higher luck-boost than the current Flawless Black Gem for earlier dragon chains, as well as provide a relatively smaller luck-boost for the new Colossal chain.

Flawless Blood Gem.png