Post AvA Sellsword Phase Analysis

Greetings Bannermen,


With silver counted and swords cleaned, it is time to take stock of the Sellsword AvA phase. As with many phases, several of the regions witnessed the sparring of old and new names, conflict and cooperation. The following table provides our usual region-by-region breakdown of the top twenty Alliances.


We thought that the daily Victory Point earnings for The Reach was particularly interesting. The close-fought struggle between A Little Fingered and Raiders of the Narrow Sea was neck and neck from start to end. In the end, only 20,000 VP separated the two foes, with ultimate victory going to Raiders of the Narrow Sea.

vp_reach (1).png

In terms of Helpful and Hurtful Actions, we continue to be fascinated by the magnitude of the actions waged among the top-ranked Alliances. Some of these numbers are simply massive. Kong”s Landing, for example, remains a clear powerhouse, yet we can’t help but be impressed by the coordination and super-bannermen effort shown by all the Alliances listed below.  

helpful actions.png


Wounds of Westeros


As you might recall, the Superlative in Westerlands tracked which Alliance inflicted the highest number of wounds on their adversaries. Turns out that it was the aptly-named Red September who earned the honor. Congratulations to them! We wondered, however, who inflicted the greatest number of wounds across all of Westeros. The results are similar to the ranks in the ‘Harmful Actions’ Table, which makes sense, and includes many well-known Alliances. Still, we thought A Little Fingered might enjoy the bragging rights.

Westeros Wounds Inflicted.png


Counting the Dead


Dark as ever, our data maesters’ favorite Superlative this phase was counting the number of Sworn Swords killed by Alliances per bannerman in the North. After all, nothing shows commitment quite like the killing of one’s enemies—which sounds downright Cersei, we know!  In any case, it was a gleeful back and forth of falling Sworn Swords in The North, almost to the last day, but Big Mama’s House prevailed in the end.


In the hope of finding equally satisfying results, we ran the same superlative in other parts of Westeros. We were not disappointed. Take Stormlands, for instance, where A Little Fingered dispatched an impressive number of Sworn Swords per bannerman, likely at the expense of the mighty Kong”s Landing.


Likewise, in Dorne, Barristan’s Dragon Guard dominated in the number of Sworn Swords they killed per Bannerman. In fact, they cut down nearly twice the number as the next highest Alliance in that region, the esteemed Winter is Coming Alliance. So we must give a respectful tip of the helm to the Barristan’s Dragon Guard this phase. Well done!


Congratulations and thanks go out to all the participating Alliances in the Sellsword Phase. Our next phase is the Knight Phase and it is scheduled to start Friday, September 22. Regional Titles and Superlatives—and perhaps a surprise or two—will be announced in the coming days.