Surviving Your First Ten Days in THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR

Hey there, Survivor,

So you’ve started playing THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR.  Good for you (if you haven’t started, what are you waiting for?  It’s free to play on your mobile device). Now you’re probably looking for some advice on how to best spend your time in the game as an entry-level Survivor.  We’ve got you covered.


Player Cease7 has a Cease Fire currently in effect, as indicated by the blue dove and olive branches above her base icon.

Player Cease7 has a Cease Fire currently in effect, as indicated by the blue dove and olive branches above her base icon.

When you enter the game, you’ll be given a 3-day “Cease Fire” represented as a blue dove with olive branches over your icon on the Overview Map. So long as the Cease Fire is active you cannot be attacked by other players. However, you can’t attack other players either—if you do, your cease fire will be immediately removed and you will be vulnerable to attack.

It would be wise of you to use these first few days to do the following:

1. Build up your Base

2. Recruit and train Survivors

3. Adjust graphics and performance to your preferences

4. Gather and produce Resources, and perhaps most importantly,

5. Join a Community with other players. If you want to play together, you can change Districts (battlefields of thousands of players) for free in your Account Management screen any time before you reach level 10.

If you are successful in each of these endeavors, you won’t be such an easy target for other players when your Cease Fire expires. For more info, check out our Survivor's Guide.

One of the very cool things about this game is that the graphics and the performance are customizable to your device. Find the right mix of for the best experience by tapping  your avatar in the top left corner of the screen, and then tapping “system settings.”

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn't tell you about the monthly Survival Boost. For just a few dollars in the Marketplace, you can purchase a Monthly Survival Boost, which gives you an extra Raiding Party, extra builders, and are able to speed u p the final 20 minutes of building instead of the usual 10 minutes.



So you’ve joined a Community of like-minded players, received your first allotment of bullets for doing so, and are running Missions and scavenging for Resources. That’s great-but it’s likely you are still too weak to have much of an impact other than as zombie chow when launching an attack.

You should be playing through your Council Member stories now AND undertaking your Daily Missions every day to unlock new Council Members. Unlocking Council Members and playing through their stories will be your main source of currency (bullets) for free in the game, so it’s important that you put in some real effort and time here. Doing so will also ensure you don’t fall behind in building or leveling your Base components.

You should also be spending this time talking with other members of your Community in the Community Chat. Plan your defenses. Scout around to see if there is an enemy ripe for the picking and plan offensive strategies to take them down. Make the most of your time while you are still getting built up.

Don’t forget to scavenge resources. You’ll need everything, but you may notice that Lumber is much scarcer than food or scavenge.  Don’t overlook lumber Nodes, even if your lumber costs are not that high currently. You’ll be glad to have it in reserve.


By now, your Community should have some offensive and defensive strategies, and may have even had occasion to test them. You should have resources saved and be working toward a strong group of Survivors in a powerful Base.

Your Group should be ready to take on some Walker Swarms now. Find the purple icons on the Overview Map, and go send some Walkers back to Hell. The rewards are rich, and you get bonus Community rewards for taking out a swarm, and if you are on the rally which takes down the last walker in a Swarm, you get even bigger bonuses.

Finally, start figuring out who your allies and enemies in the world are. Negotiate truces with friendly Communities. Bring your wrath down on enemies. Spend some of  your hard-earned bullets on boosts to make your attacks more deadly or effective, or your defenses impenetrable.

And figure out, above all else, how to stay alive out there.

The MARCH TO WAR Council