Stay Alive: Join a Community!

In THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR players are faced with a plethora of obstacles: hostile enemies. Hostile walkers. Conflicting Council Members. Low supplies. Bad weather. There’s one thing that can make the difference between living and dying more than anything else: joining a Community.

This community is getting ready to take on a Walker Swarm.

This community is getting ready to take on a Walker Swarm.

Communities are groups of players and their Survivors who band together for the common good. One of the most important features of the game, Communities allow for strategic planning of attacks and defenses, make it possible for players to attack Walker Swarms and enable the capturing and holding of Landmarks.

It’s easy to identify members of your Community on the map: from the Overview Map, you’ll be able to see everyone and their location. From the Detail Map, Community members’ icons and raid lines will be blue. When we tested the game here in the office, players found it so helpful to “hive” by bringing their communities together that each member of a Community will receive one “Community Relocation,” teleporting the member close to the Community Leader.

Close-knit Communities can share offensive and defensive strategies, coordinating scouting, feints, and attacks on other players to maximize the effectiveness of their efforts. They can also coordinate defenses, quickly sending garrisons to reinforce members under attack. At higher levels, Communities can spend bullets on targeted relocations, dropping in unannounced on unsuspecting victims, killing their survivors, smashing their bases, stealing their supplies, and relocating back out before their hapless targets are able to raise an effective defense.

Most importantly, well-run Communities provide a social base in a bloody world. Discuss strategies and best practices, plot and scheme domination of the map, or talk about real-world events with a new group of friends. Even better, bring your friends from the outside world into the game with you, and try your hand at surviving together. If you’re on an Android device, preregister on Google Play. Build social networks for your Community, or join ours. There’s strength in numbers, friends.

Stay alive out there.