Post AvA Dragon Phase Analysis

Hello Bannermen,

The time has arrived to sift through the ashes of the Dragon Phase! We will start, as usual, by looking at the regional VP results.


Tip of the helm to Shagga Likes Axes, Dragonlords of Westeros and Kong”s Landing, who achieved top spots across much of Westeros, with another nod to A Little Fingered and The Rolling Crows. To give honor where due, however, we want to also commend those Alliances who gave the winners a run for their silver. That is, Guardians of the Direworld Den and Spacepants in Iron Islands, or Ghosts of Wynterfell in Stormlands, or Baratheon’s Bastards in Dorne. Their efforts can clearly be seen in the breakdown of Harmful/Helpful Actions.



Hurtful Wins


Hae iā vīlībāzmio ēdruta gaomagon!’ -- ‘As a warrior must do!’

Action is one thing, however, wins another. Just ask Magister Mortalis, who earned 165,610 Hurtful Wins (total wins from any actions except Spy, Aid, or Barter) in Westerlands to take the Superlative in that region.

On that theme, for your enjoyment, our data maesters created this map showing the magnitude of hurtful wins across all of Westeros. Is anyone surprised by Iron Islands?



Most Fight Wins


Syt se sȳrje vīlībagon, gaomagon iā zaldrīzes!’ -- ‘For best fight results, use a Dragon!’

In any language, the Superlative counting the number of successful Fights per Participant in the North, is exactly the kind of bloody competition we love. Congratulations, of course, to The Winter Rebels who won that Superlative, beating out Halvmannens Haemnd (AKA Cheerleaders of the White Walkers) who came second.


Out of curiosity, we wanted to see how Alliances fared in the other eight regions for successful Fight Attacks per participant. We thought you might be interested too.



Spy Points Day On Day


Laesi hen iā peldio!” - “Eyes of a Snake!”

The Superlative for The Reach, tracking the greatest number of Spy Points per Alliance, is a celebration of the sneakiest amongst your ranks. In The Reach, Strength and Hodor successfully led in Spy Points from beginning to end, with House of Rebirth, Direwolf Keep, Requiem of Darkness and Fury Unchained working out the next three places among themselves. The following graph shows the day-to-day growth of Spy Points for The Reach (lines that end mid-phase indicate that no further Spy Points were earned for that Alliance in that Region.)  


Still keeping with our homage to the emissaries of stealth, our data maesters looked at daily Spy Points growth for all Alliances across Westeros. The results are below. Some of these graphs clearly have tales to tell, and we would have loved to be a fly on the wall for some of these Alliances as the phase unfolded--we’re looking at you, Here We Stand’. In that case, we guess, that would have made us the greatest spies of all!  



Kill Death Ratio

This phase, we decided to have a look at the Kill Death Ratio (KDR) in AvA. KDR is often used in games to create a profile of the experience. In AvA, we weren’t too surprised to see that the ratio is nearly always above one, meaning that Alliances kill more Sworn Swords than they lose. Makes sense, since each Alliance is attacking multiple Alliances. When we looked, however, we saw that some Alliances had KDRs that were surprisingly high. In The Vale, Wolves rule the North earned a KDR of 1,156, and in Iron Islands, Determination of love managed a KDR of 2,061.  These are clearly quite deadly Alliances and should only be approached with caution.

kdr_1 (1).png

Congratulations to all the Alliances who participated in the Dragon Phase. We hope everyone will be able to put their newly-won Dragonblood to good use in the near future. Look forward to seeing you all in the Sellsword Phase, scheduled for Friday, September 1.